I’ve nervous about posting this new stuff due to my concern that I’m biting off more than I can chew.

REINVENTION is a scary thing when I’m feeling like that battle is so large, but I know that my REINVENTION is powerful and required.

My plan of being a professional speaker will move along at a pace all it’s own. Along with this will be added a new accessibility auditing career. I’m excited of what is to come for the future. I’m not out to change peoples minds, only out to do the right thing one person/business at a time. I have titled my Keynote as

You’re Not Your Body  

You’re Not Your Body is powerful because it’s the simple TRUTH…  whether or not I am moving, seeing, or hearing my humanness is NOT diminished. I have sat on the sidelines long enough…

My opportunity is here now and stepping back is not an option.

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  • You are an inspiration to us, Fiona Fifield! Regardless your challenges you soldier on.

    At CAPS Calgary we are delighted to have you in the Fast Track program for emerging professional speakers. Your tenacity, eagerness to learn and support of others has touched many of our participants and members.

    Your message is needed in the world. We eagerly look forward to hearing from you when you present in Calgary, the evening of June 22.

  • Thank you Patricia for your kind words and your unwavering support. I must say I am quite nervous for the June 22nd, but with saying that I’m certain. I will do fantastic.

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