Paying the price

Good day,

This morning I am resting after having home care come and assist me with my shower. I have to admit having them come to help me do this twice a week was one of the most difficult decisions i have had to make in quite sometime. I did choose this though so I am able to do more things during my day. For those of you who know how tiring a shower can be completely get this, for those who don’t be thankful.

On to the title of my post.

I am still paying a hefty price for the joy I experienced  on Thursday evening. This is going to take a bit of explaining if you’re not a farmer or have been on or near one in your life. Thursday morning I went to my gym class and worked very hard. I was home and putter most of my day away. It was around six in evening when Kyle asked if I wanted to go for a walk. I never turn down a walk with Kyle and the dogs. I was going to try to explain this by typing it all out. Now I just came back from yet another walk so figured just as easy to record a video once I was home safe and sound.

What I was saying about paying the price is more about the stubble than anything else, ooh don’t get me wrong the pasture is awful too simply because it’s so long and lofted. The stubble doesn’t seem like it would be so bad, but it is like walking on a field of marshmallows. I aske Kyle how fat I walked out into the stubble and as it tuens out we did about the amount of a football field, I was stunned. I haven’t walked in stubble since I was a child and it’s kind of funny how difficult it is with very little balance and two walking sticks to hold me up. I did however have the best time. No matter how physically tired I was my spirit soared. The price I paid wasn’t as bad as I thought with my ability to go out again today.

Kyle, the dogs and I had a nice little cruise around without the stubble today as I wanted to be able to function for the rest of the day. With having my shower this morning and doing a couple of loads of laundy already. We are also planning on making some pie again this afternoon so I’m using every shred of energy I have today. I must say I bet I’ll be down for the count after this day is done. I’ll take some pictures of our pies and put them up on my Fiona’s Fight Facebook page.

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