Paying attention to a beautiful day

My title today comes from my ability to focus on all the wonderful things during my day.

Yesterday, was a most lovely day, one in a week of wonderful days. I started off my day with 25 minutes on my elliptical doing my old program that I was able to do a year and a half ago. I then made a few important calls and got ready to head out the door.

My first stop was the gas station, always grateful that I’m able to drive, fuel my car, and have the finances to pay for it.

Following this I was off to Lacombe to visit my mom in the hospital with a stop off at the house to see my dad and fill this list per my mom’s wishes. Off to the hospital I went, while my dad stayed home awaiting a new sofa to be delivered for him.

We had our Larsen family Christmas party yesterday, as the main Larsen in my life wasn’t able to be there I chose to spend my day with her instead. My beautiful mother was the main plan for my day, and always grateful for her love, strength, and honesty. My mom has been having a rough week but I’m always amazed by her no matter what is going on with her or around her. I’m always grateful for the time I get to spend with her. We chit chatted the hours away.

I took off around three thirty as I had yet another hospital visit in another city to stop in before heading out for my final stop of the day. My next visit was to see my grandpa, this visit actually was certainly a better stop healthwise due to the fact that he’s not riddled with MS. Is health is coming along better than it has been and sure am grateful for this.

I left after an hour visit there and headed off for my massage out home by where I grew up.

I did a quick stop at a Tim Hortons drive through for a cup of soup. I get it in a cup so I can drink it while I drive. I ordered my soup and drove up to the window to pay and amazingly the car in front of me had already paid for my order. This seems to be a very kind and thoughtful thing in Canada… I will simply say grateful…

I was truly now on route to my massage, it was here too that I was spoiled rotten. My wonderful masseuse worked on my very over exercised body. I’ve been at the gym workingout for at least an hour and a half everyday over the last couple of weeks and boy oh boy are my muscles angry. The fact that she worked so long and so hard on me after her other part time job I’ll once again just say grateful…

To top of my wonderful day I was out driving around this amazing space in central Alberta, the last of which was in the dark. I haven’t driven in the dark for hours in many years due to my eyes not being at their finest after dark. I’m so overjoyed that I was able to be out and about in the dark for many hours without fear of getting home on my own. Once again is all I can say is I’m so grateful…


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