Well here I am again, paralyzed I am!!! I wish I could say I get used to this but I would be lying. Actually it’s not so much me but those that have to watch it. I have once again had a hidden UTI for quite some time. The fact that my body hides it until I’m so bad I become paralyzed is annoying beyond measure. I’ve been slowly getting weaker but not obvious enough until my body shuts down… Kyle has taken the day off as I’m not able to transfer from my wheelchair to the toilet. This morning was the decision between Kyle taking the day off or dropping me at the hospital. My dear friend Carrie was going to come and care for me too it’s just with me being dead weight I’m a very big job. I thank the heavens for the kindness, I would just never want to hurt her.

I was paralyzed for the night last Saturday and most of Sunday too. Kyle had started me on an antibiotic that is for bladder infections that we always have on hand. I started that even though my urine was clear and looking uninfected. I started it simply because my body was symptomatic. Obviously it only masked it for a few days, as here I sit four days later in really bad shape.

I remember back in 2014 two years post transplant how bad I got and no one knew why, at least today in 2016 I’m able to diagnose myself and get on it quickly. I’m looking back now of course hindsight being 20/20 that this UTI has been percolating for quite some time. I took in a urine sample a couple of months ago because my body wasn’t happy and the doctor said the test was clean, which is the repeat of 2014. I spent 6 months in my wheelchair getting worse by the day with every urinalysis coming up clean until one day I awakened paralyzed from my chin… The good part of today is that I’m only paralyzed to my waist… I take the gratitude where I can find it. Love and hugs

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  • Thinking of you and sending hugs! That is so frustrating! Hope it clears quickly and you are soon back on your feet!

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