May 11, 2015

Beautiful day, beautiful day.
I’m uncertain if I have any plans for tomorrow as I’ve done more in the last few days than I have honestly done in years. I’m uncertain how I’ve actually been able to pull it off, I’m also not going to try and figure it out. I will say there have been a number of amazing things happening to me for me, I guess this is about perceptive. I’m going with the for me part.
On Friday when I was at physiotherapy I had the most amazing thing happen. I was doing my bridging exercise and I was for the first time in many years able to actually feel my hip muscles and my outer thighs in-gauge. I could really feel them tighten. When this happened I was able to lift my bottom off the mat and not have my hips and legs go all wiggly on me. This is amazing on so many levels. First I think that something in my head changed. What I mean by this is that I think that it may possibly be Neuropathic, meaning that somewhere in my system something changed that is now along my brain to communicate with those muscles. This is so what I’m hoping and praying it may be, because if this is what happened then it is possible that there may actually be some healing to my nerves happening. Second in may only be that my body is strengthening from all my exercise which is great don’t get me wrong but I sure hope it’s the first one it would just be better news over all. I may never know and I guess that’s okay it is what it is.
Friday our trees were in that we had bought last fall for this spring. We headed into Bowden to pick them up at the nursery. There was our first 90 trees picked up. The day had started with them being the only trees to pick up then we drove by the tree farm. We stopped in to see if they had any Juniper which we need for some ground erosion prevention. They didn’t have any, but then we headed off to Olds. We needed to get some bone meal any ways. Well we were at Canadian Tire Kyle was getting the bone meal and I snooping around there were our Juniper. I couldn’t believe it all that we needed which were 19 all just sitting there ready and waiting. Off we went with 19 Juniper and 2 bales of peat and bone meal.
Now between Saturday morning and this morning there were 102 trees planted. I planted close to 100 of them, Kyle did a few. We worked some hard. On Saturday 71 were put in. Sunday Mothers Day celebration took front runner so I only got 24 more put in that morning before needing to head to meet my parents for lunch. Plus on the way to lunch we did a Costco visit and a run to Pevey-mart for more peat. I know all of you that follow me are probably stunned I’m even able to get out of bed this Sunday morning, but yep there I was.. After lunch we headed out to my parents place to pick up some odds and ends as at the ripe ages of 70+ (I’m not telling) their moving into a little spot in town. I’m excited for them to be making this move as they need to rest. They’ve been on the go for far too long.
Well now onto today I was still up at it bright and early. Physiotherapy at 8. Up smoothie’s made and out the door I went. Home from Physiotherapy straight to the yard to finish planting the remainder of the trees. All finished up by noon. Into the house to start cutting up my weeks worth of salad and my vegetable sticks. I’m sure your wondering how is she still functioning, well you guessed it, I’m still wondering that myself. I will admit that by this evening standing up quickly is a bit more difficult to do and my legs take a bit more effort to take steps. It’ll ease it’ll just take a good nights sleep and no immediate need to get up in the morning..
Love and hugs Fiona

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