Hoping everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving long weekend (if you’re Canadian)


For those in the rest of the world hoping you had a great weekend…

I know for this little camper I ate way too much and got way too little done. I have set out today to get something done with my day. You sadly were not number one on my list but I’m excited to say you’re all in my top 5. I’m uncertain if any of you are needing to set your days up like mine, if you are this is what is starting to have to happen around here.
1. Empty the dish washer even before my coffee
2. Medications and coffee
3. Work on my new business plan email off to my mentor
4. Write something in my blog as this is a huge part of my business plan

Teehee, I told you, you made the top 5

This spring I started considering what else my future was going to hold. I came up with the fact that there are not many things I am good at besides driving and talking. HAHA, yes I know!! Talking is truly a talent I have even if only to myself and the dogs most of the time. Apparently having Kyle being deaf or deciding not want to listen to me ramble off all the time is a great thing because I get to chatter off all day with very few complaints. Turning my life and business into a full-time public speaker is taking an awful lot of planning which as it turns out is not my best quality. I have also started some courses into financial planning and for most of you, you know that this has been quite a trial for me too. My future is looking quite bright, it’s simply a lot of work.

I have been blessed to be accepted into a government program for disabled people. This wonderful program is set up to assist the disable to get a small business plan into action. This is one of the programs that I am getting set up in. I have also been accepted into the Fast Track Program in Calgary for the Canadian Association of Public Speakers. For the Fast Track Program, there was an application form and I also did a phone interview. It was a couple of days later that I received the acceptance email. I start Toastmasters for first week in November too. I have so much on the go. I am very proud of myself, I am also excited to see that other are seeing in me what I’ve known to be in me for a long time.

My Multiple Sclerosis brain is being taxed nearly to its limits. Do you get over stimulated when your system gets too much? I know for me it doesn’t take much to overload my nervous system. Yesterday evening we went out for a bit of a stroll down through our lawn down to the main road which is about 250 metres. I walked down on the lawn with the snow to see how I would react. The fear of slipping in the snow was quite taxing and my nerves were worn out by the time it was time to head back up. We ended up having to stop by the shop for me to have a rest. The rest wasn’t needed completely for leg fatigue but for brain fatigue too. It’s is funny to realize that some of my muscle fatigue is cause by having to share all my thinking with the rest of my system.

My self-worth and my abilities took quite sometime to catch up with my goals. I’m grateful for my ability to reach out beyond myself for therapy. I needed to ask for help before I could find it within me. I can’t say for sure where the search first started but I sure am glad it was within me. Over all my years of illness I have stubbornly pushed my way though everything that was put in front of me, but there is a place where smarts had to take over. It was in the place where brain took over brawn that I could reach out. I have even given in to the fact that it is wiser for home-care to assist me a couple of times a week to give me the ability to do something as simple as this. When home-care baths we twice a week I get rest on days when exhaustion would be what ran shower day. Now with asking for help in so many different areas of my life I can focus better, know what good for me, and enjoy other things.

Love and hugs Fiona


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