January 6, 2015

This morning things such as getting out of bed didn’t come as easy to me as in the past week. I’m not able to put my finger on the issue other that I’ve been a busy little girl. I guess it’s possible putting my exercises up by two minutes everyday maybe a bit much. Now that I’m thinking about it yesterday went up by four minutes that could explain a lot. I went up by two on the front and two on the back. My oh my now I see why I was so weak this morning.. This morning I only went up by one on the front and stayed the same on the back. Just to put all this craziness into perspective. I am now doing eight minutes standing then eight minutes sitting. Then I did the same as yesterday three minutes standing and three minutes sitting.. Grand total today of twenty-two minutes, where yesterday was twenty. I’m so excited by how fantastic I’m doing, sadly though I haven’t lost a single pound. I’m not quite sure how this is possible. Apparently it is, the scale hasn’t changed, and doesn’t lie.. I’m not what you could say happy with this little tidbit, I will battle on though. I would love to say I exercise my ass off, but most assuredly isn’t happening yet.. I know the whole muscle weighs more than fat line. I also know it’s a fact not a line, don’t get me wrong I love improving.

I’m doing oodles of improvement every single day, this I’m overjoyed about, there is no doubt.. I did m twenty-five squats at the side of my bed at two-thirty this morning. I also came out and stoked the fire twice. I found time for my calf raises in the middle of the night too. I’m not sure which time I was up and did them.. Today so far I have done up the dishes, did a load of laundry, and swept the living room floor twice. Yes I said twice. I cleaned up all the bark and crap off the floor from the stove. Kyle came home hauled in some more to fill up everything, there a bunch more crap on the floor. The up side to all this nonsense is that I’ve been strong enough to sweep the floor twice. The largest part is I’ve used the dustpan both times, that’s huge.. I really have had a very productive day so far. I need to make time this afternoon for my bridging, clam shells, and my arm workout. That will be after the dentist which is at three forty-five. My appointment there is kind of emergency booking. On New Years Day I had a piece of gum, and realized that my post had come out. I called the emergency number at my dentist office they said it wasn’t enough of an emergency. I agreed and called the main line to book the earliest appointment. As they were closed right through until Monday the fifth, I think getting in this afternoon pretty damn good. I will be nice to have it in properly as Kyle has been crazy gluing it all weekend. He is pretty handy with the crazy glue. For those who haven’t followed this all the way along, that is how he kept my fingernails on. Going through the transplant was pretty hard on me. I know this doesn’t happen to everyone, it did happen to me. I lost my fingernails, while my new ones were going on Kyle kept them healthy by gluing them on to solve any infection that may have happened. The things that happen through certain types of chemotherapy.

Ooh we’re home my tooth is cemented back into place. I’m not sure how cement is better than crazy glue other than the fact that it holds for a longer period of time. I had this crown fall out another tie twenty plus years ago. It seems the cement is better than glue, as it only lasts twenty-four hours instead of twenty years.

Kyle drove me to the dentist as he had the afternoon off for a doctor’s appointment. We took the truck as per concern for the weather. I was in and out of the truck three times. I walked through the drug store, and the grocery store. My improvements are astounding, even to me. It is probably one of the most difficult things I do in my life is give myself a compliment. Hehe even Kyle told me yesterday that he was proud of me. I love when he is so thoughtful. He is thoughtful often, it’s just nice when it comes out of no where. That is exactly what happened yesterday.

It’s nearing six-thirty, we’ve had supper already. Tomorrow night I’m going to make us buttered chicken. I’m nearly drooling at the thought. I am still going to get down on the floor and do my exercises that I didn’t do earlier. I also have a dishwasher to empty and laundry to fold, so until tomorrow.

Love and hugs Fiona:-)

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