January 4, 2015

What an amazing day already. It started with sleeping until eight-thirty again. I did have a few interruptions with dogs on the couch. I slept on the couch so Wendy could have my bed. Company always comes first in our house. I just had to fight with the dogs a bit as they were both still wanting to sleep with me. *laughing* The couch is by far smaller than my queen size bed.

Kyle came out first thing around six I think. I was awake and lying on the love seat after one of my battles with the dogs which they won as I was the one on the love seat not the couch. By now though Licr had left the couch and joined me over on the love seat too. Kyle was only up momentarily then back to bed. I took this opportunity to go back to the couch as I didn’t see Itchy and I knew where Licr was. Did I get a shock, I went to lie down and Itchy was curled under the blanket.. Sneaky little witch no wonder I thought she wasn’t on the couch.. By this point the Itchy, Licr, and Fiona battle was over. I was going to win, and did. I picked up Itchy and carried her over to the love seat with Licr, lied her down and I was off to dreamland again on the couch. I know I still have as much fun in the middle of the night as most do in the day time.. Musical sofa’s with dogs. Best part I wasn’t down and under the blanket longer than two minutes and there is Licr curled right back up. At least the the heavy one stayed off me.

I did end up being the first one awake, unless Wendy was awake and not wanting to disturb anyone. She did come out a bit after I opened my peepers. We had a nice visit. I learned some neat stuff about myself from her. I get that I’m an inspirational sort of person, I just had no idea that a person would use me as a bar for their own personal qualities. Brought me great joy to see how one person can effect another. I know I see it in other people that I admire. I take great focus from people that are worse off than I. I just don’t really think to much about the fact that people view my stubbornness the same way. I have said many times I grew great strength by watching the little people at the Children’s hospital in Calgary when I was feeling sorry for myself, if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, there is always someone worse off. When I was thinking I had it bad I had to remember that I had been given the chance to live, there are so many that don’t even get that opportunity. I need to pay attention to the hurt of a parent that watches their child pass long before their time to see how grateful I am to have been given a time at all. My life is so great, I’m grateful for Wendy to remind me where my gratitude comes from too. When we were in Ottawa there was this young couple that were staying in the Rotel with us. We would see them everyday walking back and forth to the hospital. They were going to see their little one that was in NICU. Then one day we met them in the parking lot with tears in their eyes and there was to be no walking back and forth for them anymore. My heart broke for them as they were so young mid twenties I’d say, and their lives would never be the same again. Focusing on the blessings is all I have to hold onto. Only I can make the decision to do so or not.

Kyle got up we all had a cup of coffee and relaxed a bit. Then Wendy started getting ready to go, after of course doing up our dishes, and sweeping the floor.. I was at this point down on my yoga mat doing my exercises. I did a whole bunch of bridges, you know I’m doing lots when I’ve stopped keeping count. I did my clam shells three sets of fifteen, where when I first went back to physiotherapy three weeks ago I was able to do fifteen one time and I wasn’t actually lifting my knees apart enough that it was noticeable. The changes in me are remarkable. Amazing what is possible when I just don’t give up. One effort at a time is all I can do, but with one little step forward, the effort gets to continue.. I did all my upper body weights standing with no walker near me. Ooh speaking of that I have to get back to you I just realized I haven’t done my squats.

Okay back now squats long past finished. My girlfriend Joy whom I haven’t seen since being in the hospital in Calgary before my transplant. Her and her new husband Jack came for a visit what an amazing afternoon. Been a great day all the way around. Family, friends, and even exercise fit in between, does it get better than that? I think not. Okay I guess it can be topped Kyle just made us supper, and my sweet girlfriend Denise is sounding better. There is not much more that makes me happy than to have those I love content. I’m going to call it a day.

Love and hugs Fiona:-)

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