January 3, 2015

Good day all,

Wow what a day I’ve had.. I’m very tired, but well-earned.. I slept right until eight-thirty with one wake up at two for the stove. I’m so tired lately with everything I’m doing. This I’m thinking is a good thing. The more I do the more I rest.. Tonight I’ll be resting well.. I’m doing this now as I’ll be out soon.

My sister-in-law came around eleven. I had already done my elliptical workout.. All be proud, I upped by another minute again, well two really. I’m now up to six minutes standing the six minutes sitting. Then two and two. I think tomorrow I may stay at six then add a minute to both my ends I’m not sure. I think it maybe too much.. My upping by two minutes everyday is quite difficult.. Mind you I wouldn’t know that after what all I did after.. I had a shower quickly before Wendy arrived.. I’m still using my slider chair in tub as Kyle is concerned that just using my old shower chair will not suffice when I’m tired. Getting in and out when I’m having to stand to do it he’s thinking is a bit much yet.. Some days such as today I will concur simply because having a shower right after exercise a bit much.

When Wendy showed up we visited for a while then her and Kyle went for a drive. While they were away I swept the floors in the living room and kitchen.. I was so impressed with myself. I know this my seem completely irrelevant to you, to me it’s like winning the lottery.. I swept instead of vacuuming.. I was able use the dustpan for first time in months. As a matter of fact I tried last week it didn’t happen. I had to ask Kyle to pick up the dirt. What a joy it was for me to be able to today. It seems funny to be excited over something so trivial, but I am.

I took a rest after sweeping because I knew I had to get the Mr clean down off a cupboard I needed the step-ladder for. Climbing up the step ladder was going to require some leg rest before attempting.. I sat for about ten minutes then went for the ladder. I was safely up and down no issues.. With mop, bucket, and Mr clean in hand out to the sink to get started. My only fear was bringing the bucket of water over the ridge of the sink.. I thought to myself as I was lifting it over don’t do it, don’t do it. This thought was in my head from a place of visualizing catching the bucket and having hot water all over everywhere.. Tehe didn’t happen.. The floor washing with the new mop commenced.. Oh so excited.. I had to take little five-minute breaks after about six to eight feet. Even with doing this I was able to have my entire room done including my bathroom. Then all the way from my room to Kyle’s room at different ends of the house. Then the kitchen and living room. I was going to save the dining room until tomorrow, but Wendy was insistent on doing it today too. Now it’s all done.

Shockingly I took another rest. After this one I was still able to cut up my veggies and make my salad.. Everything’s done around here. What a day. Ooh I just about forgot.. I emptied and reloaded the dishwasher too.. Been a huge day..

Love and hugs Fiona

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