January 18, 2015

Wow I did it again another day where I have surpassed anything I would have thought possible.. We bought our acreage 9 months ago. In that time I spent 4 months in my chair. I spent 3 other months with my walker. Not leaving me much time to enjoy our new lives here.. I would say the first month living here was somewhat okay, with the exception of being worn down from the move. Then this last month since my final paralysis again I wink at you as I have thought and said my LAST paralysis more than once. I do pray this really is the last one..

My great day today was this afternoon. There was lots this morning, but I will get to that later. This afternoon Kyle came in to see if I wanted to go out for a walk. I told him to give me a few as I had to finish making up our smoothies.. He went back out to putter until I was ready. I finished up the smoothies put everything away. Well at least the smoothie stuff, I left out the vegetables to cut up when we got back. I got dressed, put on my boots with the best traction, out I went. It turned out to be one of the best days I have had since moving here. I thought that would have been the days I was out pruning our trees in the spring, but those days Kyle was off unpacking. Today I had Kyle’s arm and off walked. Kyle asked “do you need your walker?” I said “no I’m good with you, I’m remarkably strong even after this morning, I’m good I really am.” Funny how I have to convince him still. I think it’s because my okay’s are way too common, or automatic. Kyle actually calls it my patent bullshit answer. We headed off we were going to put into our heads where the trees are going to go. We have ordered 20 Mayday’s 20 Lilac’s 20 Golden Willow’s 10 Manitoba Maple’s and finally 20 Saskatoon’s. We walked all around our 2.5 acres to see were everything is going to go. We walked through snow, up and down hills, all of it being completely uneven ground. It was fantastic beyond anything I truly can explain. I know that you will all do your best to try to, this pleases me beyond measure too. I admit by the time we made it back up to the upper yard I was done for. I said Kyle “I just need to get to the ramp.” He headed me that direction. I just need to hold on tight to something not moving. It was only a momentary stop, but was all I needed. I grabbed his arm again, we got me around to the start of the ramp, and I knew I was good. I had railings all the way up now. I came and sat down on the chair in the back porch. I rested loved up the crazy dogs. Like I had a choice they were all over me.

The rest of this will be short and sweet as it is very late or early I guess. I’m not sure how I am still awake, but I need to try and get some rest. I did all of the above after 12 minutes on the elliptical. I only did 12 minutes because I received my new chair gym the other day and I wanted to do an upper body workout too. This is what I did after my elliptical, this was just before the smoothie making. My upper body workout was 20 minutes too. It has been a crazy day. My day started at 5. I was up emptied the dishwasher. I changed over all the dishes back to the kitchen cupboards where people with legs put dishes. With that I had our antique china cabinet empty. I then switched over the good set of dishes from the old not so nice cabinet that they were in. This one I moved is a 8 piece setting. I moved a shit load of glass this morning and broke nothing. I did it all without any help or aid. Kyle was still sleeping. We have some shelves and hide holes in the living room over flowing with stuff that had no place to go. Now with the other cabinet empty, everything is set up nicely now. Okay now that I have this all typed up and looking at it, it’s no wonder I’m starting to wear down.

Just a quick note, this is all on the tail feathers of a full day of shopping, visiting, and travel. Ooh another quick note. Yesterday was another huge experience for me. I tried on clothes in a store changing room ALONE for the first time since 2009. Even back that far I was to weak, well maybe not weak, it just took a lot of energy to try clothes off and on. Shopping has been exhausting for a very long time. Yesterday amazed me yet one more time. The fact that I realize all these things that I haven’t been able to do is great, I don’t ever want to forget to be grateful. Life is terrific.

Love and hugs Fiona

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