January 13, 2015

It’s yet another one of those days with nearly too much to share. I’m even uncertain where to start. I want to say morning, but the afternoon was better, the morning stuff I do all the time, with one exception. The exception was a call to Marjorie. We chatted for fifteen or twenty minutes. She to is in agreeance that it’s possible the prophylactic antibiotic that I was taking may have actually been how I had that sub-clinical infection for all that time without it being able to come positive on a test. This is what I already had figured out and made the call to my urologist on my own accord.. I am sitting here now waiting for the call where I will be flying out to Ottawa for a visit. I have a few doctors that are pretty excited to see me now that I’m able to travel. I’m excited to say I’m actually thinking of going on my own. I even swung it by Kyle a bit, there was no comment at all, I do know he heard me though. I really have no idea what that means other that it’s possible he may think it’s actually possible, I most certainly do.

What I did this afternoon is something I have literally not done since before we even moved here. Maybe a month or so after, but not very long. This afternoon just after having my lunch salad which I had at eleven. I was packing up all the things that I needed to take to town with me. I had two pairs of pants that looked horrendous on me. They were bought when I was in my chair. In my chair they looked really good of course because I was sitting down. Wearing them standing entirely different.. I had two parcels that needed to be mailed off and my purse. I took my walker out with me just to hold all the stuff I had to transport to the car.. I didn’t even have to use it all day. I was smart enough to take it, but it just stayed in the car.. My first stop in town was at the second-hand store to drop off my pants. Next was the Telus store to buy my new phone. This of course took almost an hour.I had to of course be at the back desk in the store, plus looking at phones, cases, and covers. I walked out to my car twice. After this I went to Sobey’s as they have the post office. I mailed the parcels. I walked over to the other side of the store to get a pineapple, and red leaf lettuce. I did all this even without a cart. Finally I was off to Wal-Mart to buy some goody’s for my third cousins fourth birthday. I bought him a few things. I was coming around a corner and there was my Auntie Betty. I stood and chatted with her and a couple of her friends for at least ten minutes. Here I am after doing all this all by myself all day. Still able to wonder the entirety of Wal-Mart just shopping. This time I do admit I used a cart. Although I just simply pushed it, I didn’t really use it per say. I hope that makes sense.. I will buy time I was finished at Wal-Mart and walking back out to my car I was tired. I drove home, by the time I was back I was settled. I brought one load of stuff, then realized I had forgotten the box for my cell. While I was out grabbing the box, I grabbed the walker too. I left it in the porch to melt off the snow, it hasn’t been touched since. I was uncertain if this would be the case when leaving town, I was pleasantly surprised..

Amazingly all of the above was done after my morning exercises. I didn’t do my elliptical today though. I did twenty-five squats, twenty-five calf raises. I came out to the living room and did thirty bridges. I did two sets of fifteen clam shells. I then topped it all off by doing three sets of fifteen on four different arm exercises.

IT HAS BEEN AN AMAZING DAY!!!! Can you hear me squealing with joy? I sure hope so!!

Love and hugs Fiona:-)

The A&W Bear & I lol I'm feeling him up
The A&W Bear & I lol I’m feeling him up


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