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Kyle Mitten, thought I was going down at the end of part 2 so he came to help, by the time he goat to me I was turned around and headed back.. ... See MoreSee Less

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Tehe.. I had already gone farther than last years post. Kyle had gone to get the iPad and I was down so this is why these videos come in sections.. lol Part 1 of 3.. ... See MoreSee Less

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It seems like months since I have shared of my enjoyments, truthfully because it has been. I have been saying for over a year now that my life has been switching in ways I would never have imagined possible, as it has. There is yet one more battle I have yet to hurtle (lol) me hurtle that really is a funny.

Do any of you ever wonder if there is more you can accomplish? Is there more in all of us that we don't know is there? Does it take a tap to get us there? What or where does that tap come from? Are you enough for greater things? What are those greater things? Are we in the right things for the right reasons?

All these questions I have been steadily asking myself over the last few years since the loss of my former career.

For myself of course still being a work in progress, I have come to a jumping off point, will I land on a pillow or something not quite as comforting. Silly thing is I know I'll land on a pillow, I always do in the end. There may have been more than a few bumps and bruises along the way, but always a pillow at the landing. I am know longer wondering if there is more I can accomplish. I know for a fact there is SO MUCH MORE.

In me, there is so much more. I knew it was all here all along, I was uncertain how to find it, or tap into it, it seems. I have found a few places in my life surrounded by such positive people that it swells me past what I knew to be possible. I know this sounds odd coming from me as I was raised with a positive outlook on life from the get go. What is happening now is feeding what I already had and busting me through to a new and higher place. It has taken all the things and people in the last year to all collide to have me become this new me. You always hear people speak colliding together to be a bad thing, this time all of the positive influence it's the best collision ever.

Did it take a tap for me? Well for those who know me, know it took by far more that a tap. I'd error on the side of caution and say it took a couple dozen taps the one really big kick with a stick.I have always called my taps little (some not so little) God Shots. I have never been much of a religious person but I do know I have been filled with spiritual belief my entire life. Here is one of my most memorable God Shots, I was recently home from the hospital after my first six month paralysis. I was up and able to move around the house with my walker. I was sitting on my sofa looking across the house to the kitchen doorway, a thought just popped in my head, or a voice said yes you can run to the kitchen. Lets all think now I've only been walking at this point for about 3 weeks, after a 6 month paralysis. I stood up and with my very disjointed and nerve damaged body ran 🤣 to the kitchen pushing my walker. These are where my taps, kicks, pushes come from. What about yours? Do you listen?

I met a treasure of a lady last year that taught me a massive lesson. I have an awful lot of not so nice self talk, I have since learned that we all do whether we admit it or not. From this basis she told me to go home search out what to call her. My lady in my head that talks bad about me is named NOT ENOUGH NANCY!! It is when she get chattering about what I can't do, that I'm not smart enough, pretty enough, skinny enough... Simply all the not enough crap I/we feed ourselves everyday. I get to tell her off. If she is sitting on my shoulder whispering all the you're never going to succeed crap in my ear I get to swat her off like a fly and stomp on her little head😏. This is simple truth that I am enough for greater things. Once again are you? Do you want to name your little or possibly not so little nemesis?

Greater things, what are yours? What are mine? We each have our own of course and depending on your own desire what those greater things will be. For me, mine started a year and a half ago with a bit of a 4 month paralysis in the middle, so I started fresh in January. I'm now teamed up with my sweetest Kyle to work in the financial services industry. I'll tell you all the studying and exam taking we've been doing has not been a simple task for a 60 year old welder, and a 45 year old nerve damaged brain, but I will tell you loud and proud that every exam I pass with remarkable grades I might add build my self talk for the better and NOT ENOUGH NANCY gets a bit less space. A new career that I'm able to do as a not perfectly well person as came into my life with people who build me up not knock me down. For anyone who thinks they are too ill to do something there is always something out in the world for you to do. For those who are not ill and believe that your Not Enough Nancy is correct about you, you need to find a name for your own and knock the crap out of them, because you are enough, we all are.

My last question was are we doing the right things for the right reasons? I know for me in my heart of hearts I have lived the last 26 years of my life doing the right things for the right reasons, there is no way that I would stop this trend now. I'm blessed to have been taught and trained by the best in our business. I'm proud to do the right thing 100% of the time.

To wrap all this up Kyle wanted me to add my story from last night as I had quite an incident but I'll write that up at another time as it would change the tone of this write up. I will do it up tomorrow as a funny, that will lead to great gratitude.
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