February 9, 2015

Hello all!! What a great day I’ve had. I’ve been on the move all day. Okay not really on the move, but kind of on the move. Hehe, I’ve been on the move to see many different people. Between the being on the move there was lots of sitting which involved lots of chatting with some very important people in my life.

My day started off with the most important person of my day. We shared our morning coffee’s. I quick mine really fast as I was then up to make our smoothie’s.. Kyle said ” I could have just had toast.” I replied ” not to worry already started.” I did breakfast up quickly and Kyle served it up. While this was happening I ran into get dressed for my busy day. I was dressed and many ready for the day when Kyle was leaving at 7:20. I was completely packed up and out the door by 7:45. I was annoyed with myself when I registered that I was sitting at 114 kms to empty. I had already been annoyed with myself from my body doing what it does. I had tried off and on all morning to go to the washroom with no luck what-so-ever until I’m out in the car with it running. There I am pulling out of the garage thinking to myself “Fiona you have no choice.” I pull up and park out front, jump out race inside as I still have an MS bowel. My bowel has the impatience that I do on a really bad day. Between my body and an empty fuel tank I didn’t get out-of-town until 8:10 when I was wanting out by 7:45. This was just the start.

I arrive in Olds and drop my car at the Ford Dealership. The lady said I was only going to be a half hour so I thought waiting 10 minutes for loaner seemed silly so I text my friend Jenn to come and pick me up instead, it was just easier. While I was waiting for her the lady asked me if I wanted a coffee. I said “no thank you.” It didn’t take me long to change my mind after she walked away.  I still had my coffee when Jenn showed up. I passed her my coffee for not to spill it getting in. Lets just say this really was the plan. I sat down grabbed my coffee back, it bumped on the ridge of my purse, and there is a full cup of coffee all down the front of me. Man I thought the shit was just going to while I was still home, guess not! My sweet kind friend ran me to her place before breakfast so I can change my clothes. This was very thoughtful, then off for breakfast. We had a great time, she then let me back out at Ford.

My next important stop was to my physiotherapist. I haven’t been there since December. I sure was glad that she was impressed with my progression. I am much better in some ways and so not better in others. My abilities to stand on one foot is not any better, and the other is taking steps up without a railing. There was one that put me into tears, this was a shameful reaction not a physical one. Rebecca was wanting me to squat like I was going to sit in a chair, without the chair. As it turns out I have a completely inability to squat without an actual chair behind me. I attempted 3 times she showed me what she was expecting of me way more than 3 times. For some completely unknown reason my brain won’t allow my to do it without the chair behind me. I have absolutely no ability to trust my own body. Attempting to do this exercise literally brought me to tears. The frustration with my body and brain sent me into a tizzy. I was in such a rush to get out of the physio department I didn’t even change back into my town clothes.

I headed over to have a lunch with my sweet Alisha who was in Olds with her girlfriend before she heads home tonight. It was terrific to see her. We talked lots, and hugged at the end of her visit. She was on her way home from a week at a literary week at the Banff Center. She came home with oodles of knowledge. Very honored and grateful to have her in my life. Plus to have done so much with my book.

Love and hugs Fiona


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