February 11, 2015

Wow, What a terrific day. I’m uncertain how long I will stay awake to do this tonight. I have truly been on the go steady all day. I have done the following all on about a total of five hours of sleep. The meager five hours that I did get were split nearly in half. I slept from nine until midnight then again from four-thirty to six-thirty.

I was back to my twenty-one minutes on program seven again first thing. Then I did my push ups. My physiotherapist has this long list of other exercises that I’m doing everyday on top of my own stuff. I did her list as well. I to came out to the living room and did my upper body workout, this took another twenty minutes. I look now all toll I did well past forty minutes of exercise today. I cleaned up the kitchen that always seems to be dirty. I emptied the dishwasher, did up the few pots that were sitting in the sink.

After this I was on the phone with HP about the printer not printing properly. I thought it was the black ink so I took it out and replaced it with a new one. As it was found out later during this long investigation it was the blue that was not working properly. Going through all of this at least got me new ink for free being Fed-exed out by Friday.

I was supposed to be going into Olds for the MS support group this afternoon at two, but the roads were bad due to blowing snow so I chose to stay home. I thought to myself that I needed to wash the floors anyway because that was my plan the day we had no hot water. This is what I decided to do. I had to sweep the entire house again of course. I then took a rest for a half hour to let my legs settle. It is not only my legs that need to rest these days, it’s actually more my hips than my legs any more. After I was rested I started to wash the floors. I did all the floors from one end of our house to the other. I changed the bucket water three times, this is the down side to having wheels on most of the people who come in the house, plus me who always has to get into the house to sit down to take my boots off.

I love, absolutely love having a clean house. I really noticed it when we came home from the meeting tonight. The house just has a smell a nice clean smell. I’ve had such a great day, amazingly productive. I’m grateful for a day filled with ability, and willingness.

I’m off to Calgary in the morning, so until later..

Love and hugs Fiona

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