Crazy I Know

Another day of paralyzation, I really thought I would be up and about by today. Today is day 3 and I am normally way better by day 3. It normally takes about three doses of antibiotics to get me up and walking again. Sadly, I have already had 6 and all I am able to do is propel around the house and pivot onto the toilet.

It’s seeming I should have had Kyle dress me before he left this morning… Odd how I forget how difficult it is to function on my own when I can’t lift my bum. I haven’t been dressed in real clothes since Wednesday afternoon. I will cross my fingers that something will change later today. I’m a tough camper it is just sometimes that this continuous stuff wears old is all…

It is seeming that the big guy is making a point that he is thinking me going to work isn’t my finest idea. This of course is out of the mouths of others not me, but only time will tell. I of course am still of the mindset that I can work for six months at a time and go on short term disability for a couple of weeks when this silly crap happens. I know that I am in 100% better shape now then before I got out of the truck last time.

“Crazy I know”
Would you think anything else of me though? Really? This silly shit is what I am known for. I have to say I would think nothing less of me…

If I was to let this crap keep me down I would have given in a very long time ago… I am a person of great struggle, but of great success… I will not stop! I’m in the process of possibly changing careers. I have a few irons in the fire. Once I have chosen, or once I am led where I am meant to be I will be certain to let you know.

Love and hugs Fiona

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