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Are we standing on the catalyst of a new world with of Multiple Sclerosis? I certainly do hope so, for my life that it was. Yesterday was the day that the Canadian Trial results were posted.

The doctors share details here

I know you all understand what I went through to get to have this procedure. I owe my life to the two men that started this trial, to the MS Society that paid for the trial, and the 24 people who survived the procedure so that I would be allowed to have it too. I would never have been found if not for all of the above. I’m so grateful for all who came before me so that the majority of the bugs were worked out so that it was easier of me.

Those words that Dr. Freedman spoke to me 5 years ago “you’re lucky to be the sickest of the sick” has and always will stick with me for the rest of my days, which there will be many of now. I’m hoping against hope that now we’ve moved past the experimental phase that it will open up for more people. I of course don’t have an inside scoop; this is just my hope. I do know that they are wanting other hospitals across this country to open their units for MS patients too.

This has already become a world wide deal. I am needing to specify that what I had was full-myleo and named a procedure whereas worldwide are mainly non-myleo which are being classed as a treatment. I’m believing the two words are understood as different things. What I had done is to completely eradicate my old immune system. With the Non-Myleo they have lightened some of the drugs and are not completely eradicating. To my knowledge they have a bit less danger involved. I do know that having this form for me would have worked for a short time but due to the aggressiveness of my form of the disease my disease would surely have re-manifested. Being terminal is different no matter how I look at it. Thank heavens I was found by the correct doctors at the correct time.

Now could this really be the “C Word?” Seems odd for me to have to ask this question really, but there is of course real reason for the question.

I have been “cured” from an incurable disease. I can not get any worse than what I am. I can and will only go up from here. It may be difficult, but what in my life hasn’t been? The best part for me is that I have had reversal of some of my worse symptoms.

If not for all my damage I would have come back in perfect health., but I also sadly still have a mountain to climb out of. Just last week alone I was paralyzed on Saturday and part of Sunday. By Sunday afternoon I was coming back with the help of starting antibiotics in time, this is the stuff that I will always battle with. Last but certainly miles from the least is I’ve been having serious bowel issues that last few weeks. So as long as these irritating little packets of old damage pop up the doctors aren’t in a place to say “cured”, but I’m still going to stick to it because if I believe it to be true it will be. My life is all about perception.

Love and hugs to you all…

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