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“Fiona opens her mind and soul to take us on a roller-coaster tide through the physical and emotional battles that most of us will mercifully never have to experience. I kept asking myself how she could suffer so many setbacks yet keep coming back for more – either crazy or stubborn or both, but either way she tells quite a tale. Fiona’s ability to pull herself up time again speaks to the spirit so commonly seen in people with Multiple Sclerosis. The compassion and understanding of her support network reminds us that for every bad disease there are even good people ready to help fight it.

As a neurologist caring for people with MS, this story gave me a panoramic view of the thoughts and feelings of someone dealing with bad disease. What really is going on in the psyche and body of someone with S? The answers are in her.”

-Dr. Scott Jarvis MD, PhD, FRCPC

“Fiona’s Fight is an inspiring breath of fresh air. A strong reminder to us all that you should never give up, no matter what life throws at you or how hopeless everything may seem. Fiona’s heartfelt story will resonate in some way with anyone who reads it.

If you have been disappointed, let down, made a poor judgmental decision or if you have ever had those you though we closest to you suddenly turn their backs on you when you have needed them most, you need to read this book.

Working for the MS Society of Canada, and living with Multiple Sclerosis myself I can honestly say that in so many ways this story resonates beyond words. Experiencing Multiple Sclerosis from numerous perspectives I am here to tell you there is one common thread between Fiona’s Fight and every single other personal fight we all experience throughout our lifetimes. That common thread is HOPE, the one thing we all cling to when we are at what seems to be our worst, our “Rock Bottom”.

Fiona’s Fight reminds me every day that although it will never be fast enough, The MS Society of Canada and MS researchers across Canada are enhancing the quality of life for everyone affected by MS while making incredible progress in treating and one day finally Ending Multiple Sclerosis.

Fiona, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing with us, your Fight.”

-Allan Kristinson, MS Society of Lethbridge Chapter Manager


Fiona’s Fight is an honest look at the challenges faced by an amazing woman. The book shares the incredible story of Fiona and the numerous challenges she faced in her life. It is not only an inspirational story of Fiona surviving a rare form of MS and the Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant needed to save her life but also a book that shares with us her humor, honesty and courage in the face of numerous calamities. Fiona’s Fight is the story of a survivor. It is not only inspirational because of all challenges that Fiona has faced but also because of how she honestly shares with us her private struggles, and humanity. Reading this book, you cannot help but root for Fiona and have a greater insight into recovery from alcoholism and from serious illness. This is an important book because as Fiona herself puts it: “It’s important to have someone who can empathize and relate to you on a personal level”. This book carries a message of identification and hope for those who have shared in Fiona’s struggles and is a reminder that we are never alone.

-Paige Furnival -February 28th 2017

This was a book I could not put down. As a fighter of my own Autoimmune Disease, CIDP, which is much like MS, I felt bonded to Fiona and her fight. This is real life in the raw. I too have had HSCT to halt my own disease and was right there beside her while reading this book. Events are true and miraculous. This book gives you the insight on what really happens while affected by an autoimmune disease and the misery they cause. HSCT is not for everyone, but this book gives you the inspiration to want to find out more about it to halt the disease that kills so many people. This book is very inspiring, motivating and heartfelt. GO FIONA.

-Stacey Jan 26, 2016



By beverly j pringle on Sept. 5 2015

Format: Hardcover

I received this book yesterday and couldn’t put it down. Fiona has written the story of her fight with herself and her battles with MS with an amazing clarity. After having read this book I feel like I’ve gotten to know an amazing person. I would recommend this book especially to anyone fighting the disease of MS but also to anyone searching for clarity in their life.




By Debbie Smith on June 26 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

Fiona’s Fight is an amazing book about one woman’s life and struggle with not only addiction but a very rare and deadly form of MS (multiple sclerosis). It was impossible to put down and I would highly recommend it to anyone, but especially to those who are affected by or have someone close who is affected by a serious disease.

Tammy Evans
on July 23 2015

Format: Paperback

This is an awesome book. Feels like you are sitting with her having coffee and she is telling you the story. Loved it!!!!!! She is an amazing person and is surrounded by exceptional people!

By Kari Tooth on May 30 2015

Hello there beautiful I just want to tell you I finished reading your book today and want to say you are a true inspiration and a remarkable soul I will forever look up to your strength and pride you have in this life you were given your a true warrior and I will always see things from a different perspective after reading your story! I never looked at life as such a blessing and gift until now tomorrow is really never promised and I have taken my life for granted this whole time without realizing the battle even my family is dealing with!! I’m thankful for having you as an inspiration and damn well proud to love and know you! Thank you for sharing your story of your ups and downs of your yoyo effect life ! It made me giggle and cry in the same breath! Thank you fifi much love doll 😉 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

By Yostime on September 22, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Enthralling true story of Fiona’s life.
Not many face similar challenges,struggles,cumulative obstacles,that in her case could well have taken her life or changed the sparkle and fight in her..
She’s lived more life in her years,than many lived in their lifetimes.
She had many experiences,some that could well shatter others for the remainder of their lives.
I enjoyed her describe the work she did in a field many considered a man’s job.
I loved that she did it with gusto,challenges at times,sheer will,joy,and pride.
As she relays the onset of her medical condition,it’s symptoms that can take down the best of us,she kept picking herself up through the most trying of times.
While Fiona could be close to my daughter’s age,I saw her as a friend in this struggle with multiple sclerosis and life’s inherent obstacles and triumphs.
Her medical condition escalated to a grave variant of multiple sclerosis that few live to tell about.
I couldn’t put the book down,I was captivated.
This is a story of triumph and perseverance and the power of something greater,with the essence of humanity,humility and the power of forgiveness and great will in the mix.
Such Grace,I was humbled by her strength,and all those who made a difference in keeping her alive.
This story needed to be told,and shared,it was such a pleasure to read.
Inspiring,and that is an understatement.
Truly a must read for anyone,it is also a coming of age story as she tells about her teens,the heartbreak of betrayal and shame and working her way through to finding herself again.
Delightful read,so glad I purchased this,it’s become one of the treasures I have in my collection.

By Terina McLaren July 25, 2015

So inspirational, Fiona what a wonderful writer you are!! You have been through hell and back on many occasions, I admre your strength and courage. Someday we’ll meet, I look forward to that day!!!!




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