A walk about town

Remembering the days when a walk about town was being done by someone pushing me.

Have you ever found yourself in a position when a walk was not possible? Whether it was from falling and breaking something or by chance something a tad more severe or long lasting?  Finding the GRADITUDE in this form of situation can sometimes be trying. Searching and searching takes effort at this point we do not know if we can find. There is always a way though, I have a few snippets of information that you my find appealing.

1. Remarkably, this may seem like awful advise, but it has always worked for me. Go out and find someone that is worse off than you are. Example of what I used to do. When I was first sick and walking was becoming more and more difficult, I would go to the children’s hospital and quickly realized that making it even to adulthood was simply a miracle alone because there are so many that do not get that far.

2. Being able to see all people as their own, stop comparing. People who have legs or the ability to use them are absolutely no different other than the fact that they walk upright.

3. When I hear the saying, take time to stop a smell the roses, I take the time. Do you? Taking time to breathe is one of the simplest methods of taking time and its even free.

Gratitude is always within reach, it is the searching that can be the difficult part.

Wow, how times have changed.. I been out cruising around Olds, Ab on my little feet with only my cane. When I say a walk about town I have been down Main Street which consists of 5 city size blocks. I walked down the 5 blocks and am now resting while I await my return. I am typing this up while I wait for the strength in my legs to return. I have finally figured how fit blogging back into my day.

It is now though about you instead of my survival. My little circle of life has changed, my walk about town now consists of searching for things to video about accessibility. I took a little video this morning, Walk about town, accessibility 

Wishing you all a fabulous day.

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