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Professional speaker that will motivate and inspire you through a change in perspective on life and disabilities.


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A walk about town

Remembering the days when a walk about town was being done by someone pushing me. Have you ever found yourself in a position when a walk was not possible? Whether it was from falling and breaking something or by chance something a tad more severe or long lasting?  Finding the GRADITUDE in this form of situation can sometimes be trying. Searching and searching takes effort […]

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I’ve nervous about posting this new stuff due to my concern that I’m biting off more than I can chew. REINVENTION is a scary thing when I’m feeling like that battle is so large, but I know that my REINVENTION is powerful and required. My plan of being a professional speaker will move along at a pace all it’s own. Along with this will be […]

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Happy 5th rebirth to me!!

Happy 5th rebirth to me!!

I’m fantastic today!! Remarkable to think I’ve been paralyzed twice since this date 5 years ago and none of that matters today. I take my recovery with my Marburgs the same as I take my recovery from alcoholism. My life is simply one day at a time. I thank god everyday for the collection of 25 years of sobriety which in turn gave me the […]

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