Good day all,

Well good news on the blood pressure. No one seems to care about it being that high with the exception of me so I guess I’m good.

I do have great news that I have been a bit nervous to share for free that I would fail if I shared it on here. I have for the second time this week been able to walk six feet with the use of my walker for the first time in months. This for me is huge progress. I will not let this slight six months of upset stop me from getting back on the ride to try yet again. Whatever attack I have been having I will not let it keep me down. I have fought back from this getting to be more times that I can keep track of. None of that matters, what does matter is I have been able to walk six feet twice in three days. I am able to stand for longer every time I am up. I am paying hefty prices, but I have been here before too.:-) As it seems I like torture.

Woo Hoo!! I know you all know I’m a bit slow to figure out this silly blog and stuff. I’m excited to say that now every time you log on you will be able to see a new image. I now even know how to add as many as I wish. now that I have figured that you will be able to see so much more. It will be more than me just chatting about my day. I may even now be able to change themes up a bit as I am feeling less afraid after today’s adventures with it, unless of course the next time I try I have forgotten what I did today.. Well here’s to hoping!!

We played one game of crib and yes of course I lost as per usual. This is my life I guess. I did finally admit to Kyle that why I get upset some days when I lose so much it is that when I am having a bad day already that playing crib just brings me back to being sick and it was all I was able to do. I guess the blessing is that Kyle goes back to work on Monday and I can get back to some semblance of making a mess in my office with paperwork, or washing floors with the steamer. Something that caused me to feel useful. When he is home some how that kind of stuff falls to the wayside. I must say the last few days I had no choice but to get after paperwork although most of it should have been done last week, better late than never I suppose. I am excited for tomorrow though we are off to Olds first thing in the morning as Kyle has an eye appointment at nine or nine-thirty. I am going to buy some last-minute decorations. This brings big smiles..

Until tomorrow,

Love and hugs Fiona

Good day,

I’m starting with the good news. This morning I was up and taking my blood pressure it was back to normal. I even mean my normal.. I was a terrific ninety-five over sixty-five.. I do have a doctors appointment tomorrow to possibly see what was causing it. I understand this is probably not possible, but will ask and see what happens.. This is on the recommendation of my nurse at the MS clinic. Apparently I’m meant to go to the doctors because Kyle’s appointment is tomorrow at ten fifteen. I called in to see when they could get me in as it’s normally a two week wait (at best). The desk clerk asks “does ten forty-five work?” I was stunned and said “sure does.”

I made some calls this morning.. I had another crap day with my you guessed it, worst home care lady.. I mentioned yesterday that my RN said she had some stuff to put on my skin before placing a secure cath on my skin. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s simply a little piece of tape. It looks like a butterfly really that sticks on my skin. It has a strip in the centre that loops around my hose to keep it secured to my body.. She brings out this cream. She is looking at me like I should kiss her feet for bringing it. I was sitting on the toilet once again telling her that this wasn’t the right stuff.. She was busy telling me that it was. I put it on my finger rubbed it on my belly, immediately knowing I was right. What she gave me was oil based. Anyone who knows ANYTHING, knows tape will not stick to anything oil based. She still continued to put the secure cath on, while of course it’s no sticking.. I said “can you please pass me the washcloth so I can wash my belly please?” I really was this polite, as I didn’t want to stress her anymore.. She passed me the facecloth. I cleaned the crap off my tummy. She passed me a towel to dry it off so she could place a new one on even though we didn’t have the skin protectant to put on. It was while I had the towel and was drying my tummy off that I rubbed a minor wound that rapidly became a fairly large blood blister.. I four wounds on my body and all of them are caused by the same person.. It just seems she’s always in a hurry, always consequences..

I called home care office to keep them abreast. The RN showed up with the correct skin barrier for me. I was so grateful she also brought some proper gauze to cover my blood blister.. It felt so good to not be afraid with every move that the blister would pop. When my RN was leaving I said flat out that once I get started with my self managed care I’m going to file a formal complaint of this home care person. I really can’t trust what will happen if I complain before. I do know I have two big toes with ingrown and infected nails, I have four wounds and two days without have hose clamp removed. The great part to any of this is that Kyle went on the hunt for our old scissor clamps so now there’s NO chance it can be left on.

Kyle and I spent the afternoon going over which trees we’re going to purchase for our yard. For acreages and farmland there are spring buys for multitudes of all differs types of trees for cheap .. We picked four different types . This procedure took a good couple of hours..

Love and hugs Fiona

Good day all,

We just arrived home from our Wednesday night meeting.. It was good glad it was warm enough for me to go.. I’m so not okay with going out into minus twenty-five without the windchill like last week..

I want to apologize for not posting yesterday’s until so late this morning.. I tried desperately to finish last night.. Actually I was at it all three times I woke up. As things turned out I wasn’t awake very long any of those times.. I woke up and my immediate thought was that I hadn’t posted it. I knew I was right, for that matter I hadn’t even finished it. I’m thinking back right now smiling to myself tying to figure out why Kyle was so anxious to get me out of bed.. I was laying in bed finishing up watching a show and working on my blog, he came in and said he’d get me after the show was over. He came back in, the show was over. I wasn’t finished this yet, which is what made me smile. He got me up, and there I sat in my chair at the side of my bed cold and a bit confused. I looked at him, made a comment (not remembering what) he did bring me my house coat.. I finished this and then went out for coffee with Kyle..

Now is the battle to stay awake to do this one. I’ve had my night medications and the make me really sleepy.. I have off news my blood pressure still high. I’m completely confused with what is happening.. Kyle is going in to see the doctor on Friday I asked him to book me an appointment when he’s there. I will keep checking it on my own until someone gets me in.

My day was entirely blasé which I’m grateful for..

Love and hugs Fiona

I have some off news this evening.. I’ve been having that weird feeling in my head pretty much all day.. On Saturday when we were at Costco they had blood pressure monitor on for fifty bucks. We picked one up because I’ve been having these weird blood gushing in my head sensation.. I was hoping it really was JUST a sensation like most other things in my body.. After today I’m not sure what to think for sure.. I’ve taken my blood pressure probably four maybe five times.. I’ve been running a steady high one thirties over mid to high nineties.. I’m sure this may not be high for those with high blood pressure, I who runs a good healthy ninety over sixty-five is extremely high.. For that Matt scary high. I was a simple one eighteen over eighty-two yesterday and I didn’t like that, so today’s has definitely got my attention.. Kyle kept hoping it was because I’d just rolled myself in, or I had just eaten, or, or, or anything other than what it actually is… I understand his hopes as it’s just one more of those odd things happening on the inside of my body..

My day was fairly laid back with the exception of getting out of the house and go to the bank. I had two last things to do today to finish up my part of setting up for myself managed care. First thing I did was get my ad ready, and emailed it to the paper.. Once that was settled my girl was here. Off to the shower I went.. We got finished a little after eleven.. Kyle made us pancakes and sausages for lunch.. YES, YES I get my ass doesn’t need them, they are what I wanted though.. Today I go back to salad.. After lunch down to the bank to finish up final set up for taking care of myself.. Now just finding a full-time aid..

I started this in a good mood I certainly won’t say that’s how it is now.. I just wrote for an hour and a half.. Here I am starting all over again.. I should have known better than doing my writing within the WordPress application… I’ve been doing this through Google for a week since the application was saying it couldn’t connect to the server.. Tonight it let me in I should have stopped right there. The old saying goes if something seems to be too good to be true it probably is.. Pay attention Fiona seriously figure it out..

I was sharing about how boring I’ve been stuck in these four walls.. First its been too cold for me to be out.. I’ve spent a week complaining about my horrible home care aide.. I did tell my RN about her today though.. I did ask her not to say anything to her though as I’m nervous of the consequences.. I do understand this sounds a bit paranoid. This is the same lady that kicked closed the bottom drawer of my dresser and knocked it off the rails, then when I mention it she says “I didn’t do that.” I said “I know you did, I watched you.” She didn’t say a word after that.. She has also forgotten to take off the clip holding back my urine. It’s been building up for weeks with this certain aide..

I can say this with a smile that when my RN was here I signed the final form for my self managed care.. There’s a bit of a down side yet, that is that my aide I had in mind is having to figure out what she’s doing. It came across today that she’s seeming a bit iffy.. The only thought I really have on this is that I always get what I need when I need it, I seem blessed that way. I’m putting an ad in the paper tomorrow, and will see what comes of it..

I had way more in my other blog, but I’m too tired to do all that again.. Until tomorrow..

Love and hugs Fiona