Oct 24, 2014

Good day all,

First off I want to start with that I’m feeling much better today. Last evening I was frightfully ill, by far to ill to be blog. I really wish I had it in me for you, but sadly I had to concentrate on other things. I know hey I even have a bit of funny left, not much, but enough.

I do have an odd thing happening a bit the last couple of days. Sadly my lens thingy bubbled already in the first day back. I wasn’t able to wear the glasses yesterday or today. Today my double vision is back only slightly. Yesterday I had none all day. It seemed like it was repairing what my brain stem was communicating with my eyes. Now that they have been off for two days I have a had a bit, not much, but a bit. When I say but a bit, it is so much less in comparison than before we went it doesn’t seem like anything at all. My left eye is back watering and that has happened in quite a while. Actually that watering hasn’t happened since before the vision went to its worst. It watered long time before everything went really bad, if this is any indication then I have a little while before it gets bad like it was. Saying this I really can’t say how long of course, but a bit I hope.

I’ve been trying to find time to add this link in. It’s a song I threw up on you tube of a song I taped at Dierks Bentley. If you listen/watch I hope you like it.

I know that came out of nowhere, I just so didn’t want to forget again. This was of course on Monday night in Calgary. By the time I arrived home and was put into bed it was nearing two am and I had at that point been awake for twenty-five hours. The fact that I was still awake and some what functioning astonishes me even as I write this.

Well back to the now. I don’t have a clue as to why I pulled back from the computer as I had no reason to. I just did, damn good thing I did too as I moved my foot and under my slipper it was wet. It wasn’t that I felt it as I have on slippers with think rubber soles. I looked down and my bag was open I was tripping pee out all over the floor. I have no idea for how long or how it would have come open as I have been sitting in here for hours now. I’m thinking it is soon time for me to be getting out of here anyway.

All and all my day was spent pretty lazy. I was still fixing myself up from all my excitement last night. I was in bed by eight-thirty and even slept all night until six-thirty when Kyle came in. Plus even with that I probably could have pretty easily stayed in bed all day without too much incident. I was tired all day and for that matter still pretty much am. I was able to make some calls and annoy myself with my insurance company. I have to call my work on Monday to get something changed with them. I am needing to be the exception to a rule, I can only pray this will be okay with them. Nothing for me to fret about right now as it’s Friday night, and Monday a long ways away.

I am excited about tomorrow though. Kyle and I are heading to Olds first thing for the weeks groceries. Tomorrow night Mom and Dad are coming for a visit and supper. I will tell you all about it then.

Love and hugs Fiona:-)

Oct 23, 2014

Okay day,

This just a quick note. I had good poisoning tonight. Not well, good night.

Oct 22, 2014

Good day all,

Woo hoo, it really is a great day!! We were up and out of the house by 6:45. We arrived in Calgary at the Rocky View Hospital by 8:45. This was a day of confirming what I already knew. First I did my field of site test. My right eye wasn’t bad which I kind of figured. My left eye on the other hand was as bad as I knew it was going to be. All of this was news that wasn’t a surprise to me. What did come of it all was that my field of vision is crap in my left eye. What my the test showed was that looking with my left eye I’m unable to see any thing with the left side of my left eye. For anyone whom has had this test done you know this test done, you know exactly what I’m talking about. For those whom I’m talking about. For those who haven’t it is a test that of course as it is named test your field of vision. They sit you in front of a have moon white full inside. In the centre of this thing is where they have a these orange lights set up, they are the dead centre of this huge white half-moon. The nurse then turns on the computer program that regulates it and walks away. The program then starts flashing little dots of white all over the inside of the half-moon. I’m holding this clicker, every time I see one of these little dots flash I hit the clicker. I knew when I was doing the test that I had no vision on the left side of my left eye. This is just one more thing on top of my double vision. They were able to partially solve the double vision issue with a type of lens over my sun glasses. I now this seems funny with sun glasses, but they are all I have as I don’t wear glasses. It is seeming that my eyes are out of alignment. Dr Costello is thinking now that this is something to do with the Steroids. I go back on the seventeenth of December again to see how this is going. The film has taken away my two eyed double vision, but has left my double vision that is still in my left eye alone, so my left eye is still shaded and blurry, but I’m in much better shape that this morning. I’m so grateful to Alisha for being willing to blog for me the other night.

I have such great news.. I mean that means so much to me. I wanted desperately to check some of my English skills. I booked an appointment at this placed called The Reading Foundation for this afternoon at one thirty. I was nervous about going as there was quite a bit of testing to do and I had my eyes dilated. I was even more nervous about it as they normally dilate my eyes when I first get there today with all the issues there was more testing than usual and they didn’t dilate my eyes until nearly ten-thirty. Thank heavens my eyes where okay enough to see what I needed to see. Seems I only made it through my first semester of grade ten and I thin I may have even failed one of my classes as I was hammered most of the time. He and I were quite impressed with how great I did. I am sitting at a grade twelve plus in most everything with one or two exceptions. It does seem that my comprehension skills when someone else is reading to me not so hot. My spelling skills are wavering, I’m thinking this is mainly due to my years of chemotherapy and my Multiple Sclerosis. I do know for fact that my spelling was much better before all of this than it is now. It was not bad, but certainly could or should have been better in my never cut myself a break opinion. As things turned out my sister and I have the same way of learning. Teena and I both just memorize everything we need to remember. Apparently sometimes this suits me and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m excited to say that the I was told today directly to my face that if I had continued on that I was smart enough to be a doctor or something of the like. That is a pretty huge compliment, something a girl like me would never have expected to hear. This gives me great hope that all the work that I have in front of me will be well worth the effort. I am going to do my best to heed the advise. I’m going to call back into the office and see what the course he teaches on the parts that I’m lacking will cost. This amazing man didn’t even charge me. I’m uncertain as to why, as the charge for the testing and his written report is supposed to be two hundred and fifty dollars. He told me that I didn’t have to pay for anything and to have a great day and a safe drive home. Here I’m tearing up again. I don’t understand how I’m so blessed, I’m certainly grateful for everything though. I’m going to be off hunting again for another thank you card. I’m thinking I should be starting to get them in bundles.

We are home safe and sound. I’m getting this done before we are heading to the meeting. I’m so glad that I still have the energy and that I’m well enough to go tonight as last week I wasn’t. I forgot to put something in here the other night that was important to me so I’ll add it now. I was lying in bed thinking to myself that it had been a long time since I missed not being able to roll myself over in bed, I really do though. It sometimes is the little things such as this to make me sad. There are many of these little examples, this is just one that is the most on my mind. It seems odd to me how something this trivial annoys me more than not being able to pull up my own pants or bath myself. The list good go on and on, but what would be the point of that?

Having to take off..

Love and hugs Fiona:-)

Oct 21, 2014

Good day all,

Last nights blog did nothing but piss me off. It’s rare for me to out right cuss so I apologize. I had such great stories from yesterday to share so I was just upset that I didn’t get to share them when they were fresh in my mind. Now tonight I’m in a hurry as it’s already after seven, we haven’t even had supper. I’ve been out in the living room taking a bunch of bugs out of Kyle’s lap top. I was in here at three this afternoon to start this directly after I was finished doing two sinks full of bowls. I made such a mess making all my four bean salad that it looked like the kitchen had exploded. That was two days ago so everything was just piling up. The dishwasher had been full of clean dishes so that had to be emptied first. This was the first step today, which in my laziness didn’t start until after lunch.

Yesterday’s stories were almost to funny for words, well at least looking back. Kyle always says that there is no cure for stupid. I’m actually going to start with the last one first as this one is more about ignorant with a mixture of rudeness, and stupidity. Susan and I were just coming out of the Dierks Bentley concert. We were coming down the side-walk heading for the car when there was this women parked partially on the side-walk, partially on the cross walk and completely covering the wheelchair indent. I’m waving at her to pull out of there so we can cross the street. She is looking right at me, ignoring me like she can’t see me. Susan walks up to her window asks her to move please, that she was parked directly over where we needed to go. She looked at Susan like she had three eyes or something. Susan came back to me and the lady finally pulled away, not before calling out nasty names at me. When people do that it always stuns me, like I’m the one in the wrong because I have wheels instead of legs.

The one that happened just before heading down to the Saddledome was the one that really took the number one stupidity cake yesterday. I’m going to say that this lady was called the manager. I had a plan to go out to a nice Mexican restaurant for supper before the concert, but I screwed that one up even before we left home. I wanted to try a leg bag for the first time in many years just so I could hide my pee while we were out. This of course didn’t go well which it never does I’m not even sure why I continue to try them. Any ways this is why we ended up going through the MacDonald drive through. All of this started because I had a coupon for two can dine for nine ninety-eight. We pulled up to the window after we ordered and handed the young man the coupon and ten dollars. The total had come to ten forty-eight because of the tax.I didn’t have fifty cents so I had to give him a ten too. This some how confused everyone including the manager once she was called to the window. We had already started to move before I registered I didn’t get my nine fifty-two in change back. I said to Susan “stop my change I didn’t get my change.” She stopped right in the drive-thru hopped out and walked back to the window to ask for my nine fifty in change. She asked the young man for my change and the confusion was obvious. He was not getting that the coupon was like money. The MANAGER well if you want to call her that. She ended up stupider than the young man was. This stunned me as this so-called manager was an adult and should know that a coupon is cash. Well holy dina what a shit show. She came out of the building and we got into a fairly heated debate over the silliness of this freaking coupon and my ten dollars in cash. As things turned out we left with the coupon and the food. She was left with the receipt, ten dollars in cash, and still missing the fifty cents. I hope this all made sense. I called into MacDonald’s head office to put in a complaint today. I was so shocked by the stupidity of the staff. I sit here thinking now that when they did up the till last night if they figured out where the lost money came from. Sadly I don’t think they would register.

Yesterday was an absolutely crazy day. The fact that I survived to make it to today is remarkable all on its own. I had a shower yesterday which normally take all I have on its own. On top of that I was awake at one in the morning so I was running on empty from the get go. Then my RN showed up at eleven and was here right until one filling out paper work for Self Managed Care. This is a great program ran by the Alberta government, but as you can imagine there is a lot of paperwork that goes along with it. It was only about half hour after she left that the aid came to shower me.

Today is short and sweet as it is bed time Kyle and I are off to the city at seven. Today I was still some what functioning enough to get the dishes all done.

Love and hugs Fiona

Oct 20, 2014

Good night all, but I have to tell you a story first. It’ll start with you can’t cure stupid. We have two amazing tales to share!! Ooh can’t go here

Okay I quit!! Now the iphone is doing it too!!! I just had 500 words done. Poof it’s all gone again!! I will write it up tomorrow.

Love and hugs Fiona