Omg what a day!!! The morning didn’t start until nine-thirty, that was with Kyle standing in my door way.. I finally at five fell back asleep after being awake from two am. I did have eight hours of sleep it was just broke in half.. The fact I got that much rest is a great thing.. I got up had cereal for breakfast. Kyle and I were lazy all morning.. We watched a movie and just relaxed..

Around noon Kyle and I got dressed to head out to shovel snow. We worked so hard, I did amazing.. Kyle and a split the front deck.. We split the front drive.. I did all in front of the garage.. By the time we were done the front and heading into the back yard I was finally starting to wear down.. I helped with what I could then leaned on the dogs exit.. While I was standing there I looked at Kyle and said ” I stand here looking around, and I’m feeling like a family for the first time in a long time..” I think it hit me so hard today because the dogs were with us.. They were racing around playing in the snow.. By the time Kyle helped me through the door from the deck lifting my foot in was getting difficult.. The fact that I did all this in the first place is stunning to me..

It’s apparent that I was in requirement of these antibiotics.. The difference in me with four full doses in me is amazing.. Tomorrow I’m back on the elliptical for the first day in a few now.. We’re heading to Drumheller for groceries tomorrow too.

Kyle continued what was too much he moved by hand with his new tractor.. It was great to watch him out in our yard on his tractor.. He cleaned up a bunch of old wood, moved it down to our Bon fire spot.. I sat and watched him through the window..

Love and hugs Fiona

Not myself yet by far, I am however rolling with the flow. It’s two in the morning again I lie or sit here. I lied until I woke myself coughing. Now I have my pillows all stacked up so I don’t choke. I started with my first double dose of a new antibiotic for my upper respiratory infection. I’m also taking ventilation four times a day to loosen my chest. I waited, and waited for my cold to let up. I got to a place where my weakness was becoming to noticeable.. I was starting to become nervous again.. Kyle made a statement to me about going to the doctor.. I said “babe I was going to call when they open to see if she can fit me in.” He nodded, “grateful.”

I’m happy to share as off as I am. As worn down as my body is I was able to haul wood in from the back porch to fill the slots in the living room.. Once I finished that I swept up all my mess, which there was plenty of.. I came down cleaned my floors in my room too..  I filled the washing machine, forgot until this moment to start it though.. I washed all the pots and pans .. I had loaded and ran the dishwasher first thing this morning so I could empty and have kitchen clean in the afternoon..

My day hadn’t started when I wanted it to as was on the phone quite a bit. Good stuff though. Book work is always good. These last-minute things are starting to set my brain on fire.

By eleven I was heading out the door to head to the bank. I was on my way to the garage when I remembered I needed to read the gas meter.. I go trekking around the back of the house. I was feeling pretty secure when I started out. When I was around the back the frost was on the ice peaking through the grass. This just seemed to be setting up a bad scenario, but I needed the reading. I had asked Kyle to get it a few days ago, and simply forgotten.. I thought of it yesterday too, simply forgotten again..  Today was a must.. I get back to the hill going up towards the fence, this is where my fear of falling took a grip on me. Now I was in mini snow drifts, grassy ice patches, and the little hill. I did safe and sound. It took nearly all I had. Getting to my car for a rest was very much-needed.. I sat a took a rest for a while. I can’t really say for how long, all I know by the time I got to the bank it was noon..

The bank was a busy place, I was there another half hour. I left checked the mail, and headed to Threehills.. Pharmacy for my prescriptions, and booked a hair appointment for early next week.

I headed home had a late lunch. I had to eat to take my antibiotics.. It was after lunch that I did all the above cleaning. By the time Kyle arrived home at quarter to five I was done for.. We went out for supper as he nor I had any desire to cook.. By the time we arrived home it was nearing seven-thirty. It didn’t take me twenty minutes to be in my jammies.. I was falling asleep on the couch within twenty minutes of that.. In bed out cold just past eight-thirty..  It’s now just after four thinking it’s time to doze back off..

Love and hugs Fiona

I start by apologizing for the nothing or close to nothing yesterday.

I asked Kyle a question a few days ago about this blog. See things are looking like my book should be finished in April. Then looking at how long will I continue to do this everyday. There has to a time in my future where I will have something more in my life where this may actually have to take a back bench. The only reason I even brought it up is because I’ve felt so crappy that I haven’t even had the energy to do this, and I feel bad.  I supposed to be working feverishly at book, and I don’t have the energy for that either. Never would I have thought me saying that having a cold, well that is what I thought until going to the doctor this morning, that I wouldn’t have the energy to do this. I now know that it’s a respiratory infection and cold. This seems to allow me to justify my laziness today.

Yesterday when I was home from Calgary even with great news to share I was too tired. It’s rare, actually I would say unheard of for such a thing to happen. Myin news!! My eyes turned out to be bad because I wasn’t well.. As things turned out yesterday I’m back to having appointments every six months instead of three.. My double vision settled some. I was told I’ve gotten very good at manipulating my brain into settling itself.. I know that sounds a bit crazy, but it’s what I was told by the people who are the people.. The other test I really bad on last time was my field of vision.. Yesterday they did it on the manual machine which is better, I nailed it!! Life is great in the folder of my life.. Tehe.. That’s a good one, a folder!!

Todays been exhausting as well this cold is kicking my ass. I got up had a cup of coffee with Kyle. He brought me in my smoothie. I was up about ten minutes after left then back to bed. I was up at nine to call the doctors office. I was able to get a appointment for quarter past ten. I got up dressed and ready to head out. Before leaving checked if my fever had broke. I kind of knew it had as I was so soaked with sweat you’d have thought I’d just walked out of the shower without a towel..

I left the doctors after a check-up, x-rays, and prescriptions.. I went to grab the mail.. I washed the car, this is what took what spare energy I had. I actually thought I had enough to do those few things and run into Threehills to grab my prescriptions too. As things turned out, that wasn’t so.. It fell apart when I was at the car wash.. I had three dollars thinking that would be plenty to wash off the worst of it. I was three quarters of the way around and walla no water.. I walked across the street to the store to get a few more dollars and that plus finishing my very muddy car did me in.. I drove home, parked the car. Came on in here put my jammies on, this was the rest of my day.. Wow, I know can you feel the excitement..

Love and hugs Fiona:-)

I’m done already! It’s almost 2 am I woke up an  hour and half ago.. I fell asleep at eight.. It was a long day..  I arrived home from Calgary about 2 in the afternoon..  Kyle called. He made mention I should have a nap.. It’s funny a rarely would take such advice, I sure did this time..  I got undressed, in bed, and slept until Kyle came home at 5.

Sorry was exhausted..

Love and hugs Fiona

I sit here mid-afternoon a wee bit annoyed with my day, okay not my day, my body.. It ‘s possible that I’m just tired, and I’m paying a price for that. I was awake at three. I decided to get up at five-thirty and get started with my day. I was up , dressed, and the elliptical by six. I did twenty-two minutes, that’s one more than yesterday. Although today I had to take a few breaks. I wasn’t as strong. Kyle stuck his head to see what was going on, he remarked “you have more energy than me is all I can say.” I finished up. Kyle had my smoothie and coffee waiting for me. I have to come out with my sweat towel to put behind me so I don’t stain our sofa.  He left for work, I headed in for a much-needed shower. My working out is definitely changing my daily routines.

The rest of my day turned into nothing because I really am back feeling like crap. Oh I did have to run down to the bank. While down there I checked the mail. Then I headed straight home, and back into my pj’s. This has been my day.. I’m done.. I have to be in Calgary by nine in the morning.. I think I’m actually going to take a half a sleeping pill tonight.

Love and hugs Fiona