Sept 22, 2014

Good day all,

I have to say this!! I am having an off day physically today. I did have the longest and best sleep that I have had in a very, and I do mean very long time. I am willing to say it has been a couple of years at least. Since I have been fighting to get well after my transplant. I am not certain for the reason of my long sleep, at this point it doesn’t matter except sleep maybe precarious tonight. I had a full ten hours of sleep last night. Kyle called at a little after nine when I hadn’t answered his text messages. This is how every morning starts around here. When I don’t answer the first couple of text messages he calls to make sure that I’m okay. This morning there were six messages before the call. When I answered the phone he certainly was shocked that I was still sleeping. Well for that matter I too was shocked I was still out cold. I quickly realized that I had to get on the move as my masseuse was coming at nine-thirty and I still was in bed with no breakfast or medication.  It wasn’t until I was getting out of bed that I figured how weak my right leg was. I mean it’s always weak, but this morning putting any pressure even to pivot into my chair caused me to feel unsafe. I’m thinking this was probably from me showing off getting into the truck last night. One self-inflicted wound I guess.

I have a few amazing stories of amazing people to share with you today. A couple are from today one was from Costco yesterday. I’ll start with yesterday so it doesn’t get over looked. Carrie and I were just out of the store getting ready to get in the car. I was already in the car and Carrie was loading my wheelchair into the back. This beautiful lady was walking by when she stopped and offered to help Carrie load everything. Carrie was standing out there with a cart full of groceries while loading my chair, she kept trying to give this nice lady an out. The more Carrie was trying to let this angel off the hook the more she was offering. Thank heavens Carrie finally accepted the offer and things flew by. I called through to the back and said thank you so much for your kindness and wished her a terrific day. Carrie hopped in and we were off. We grabbed a quick-lunch, on to home we were headed. Today’s great tales are: one, Kyle brought home the mail and passed it to me while I was in the kitchen making my salad for the next few days. I seen a what looked like a cheque, I opened it knowing what it was. What I didn’t know was the amount. I had bought a membership to the gym/pool when we first moved here. (well waste to tell my everyday followers as you all know this) I called the pool a month ago to see if they would be willing to refund some of the year that I paid for as I was only able to be there a couple of months before I started to go down hill.  As you know it was in the pool where my relapse started. I need to get a really nice thank you card, actually two of them as I need to take on to the pool and one to the town office. The town of Three Hills gave me a refund for the entire year. I’m so impressed with them. I just had a thought, I think I’m going to put a thank you for the entire thing in the paper. I will be doing this first thing tomorrow. Second of the day, certainly equal to all the above. At my Loins meeting tonight I brought up having a chair lift installed so I could continue to come. I really wish to continue to be apart of the club. Tonight I went up the stairs on my bum one step at a time. I will say by the time I hit the top I was sweating and my legs had used all they had. I was grunting with stair to get to the next one. I was so grateful that when I mentioned it that their reaction was that it had already been thought of. The idea will taken to Loins International. If not dealt with there, I mentioned the government funding, and they said also would come out of local cost if need be. This is such great news for everyone. There are many people who could use it. Has potential to bring in new members that would be unable to get in otherwise.


I will go back now to my massage this morning. Shannon did a great job on me. I’m so grateful that she worked so hard on my right leg, really my right side. The longer into my massage I was starting to notice that it was my right side not just my right leg. It was a great massage, so glad that Shannon is kind enough to show up here once a week to work on me.

This evening I was Face Timing with Denise while cutting up my salad, yes this was before the mail came over. She was being smart about me writing a longer blog. I told her she didn’t have much room to be talking as she hasn’t posted one in quite sometime. I may write short ones to keep up on my (I have never missed one), I do always write one, even when I don’t want too. Take my word there have been MANY blogs that completely forced. P.S Denise, I hope his one is long enough for you. Feel better by friend. Ooh I did get some great news from another friend in Manitoba today about her Bone Marrow Cancer, they are saying that things are well and they certainly may have caught it in time. This is such great news. Plus huge thoughts out to my sweet Brenda. Life seems to be flowing along pretty good for all of us.

I got to speak with my sweet Ann from Arizona tonight. Ann that saved my life from Lethbridge MS Society. I was glad to hear from her that the flooding in Phoenix only did slight damage to her yard. It was a busy day today. I’m trying to figure out what I was busy doing, but certainly was something.

Tomorrow is book day, and shower day. I have a few different things that need to get done, I am always glad when I’m able to cruise around with my phone on speaker. It is like this that we get the book written and I still can get things done around me. Well anyways right at this moment I’m tired and requiring to go and lay down. I’m so grateful for my perfect day.

Love and hugs Fiona:-)

Sept 21, 2014

Good day,

I’M HOME!!!!! On my couch with my feet up.. I’m so excited to be home. Wow what a weekend.. I’m so glad to be home. This morning our meetings were not supposed to be out until noon, we were out by ten-thirty. This made it really nice for us to hit Costco on the way home. We headed out and straight to Costco, I did the whole store in my wheelchair while Carrie pushed the cart. I was pretty impressed with my strength after the weekend and my lack of sleep. I was so tired the last two nights this is why I had barely nothing written for you. There maybe not too much tonight either as I am worn down to my boot straps..

We did a quick detour on our way home which sadly I won’t share with you because I’m planning on getting my Mom a gift from there for Christmas or maybe her birthday, but whichever I can’t put it on here or she will know. All I can say is that both Carrie and I would grateful that we took the time out of our day to do a drive by. Really all we were checking was that what there hours were so we could go back during the week, shockingly they were open.

Tonight I will YELL AS LOUD AS I CAN ON A COMPUTER!! Kyle and I went for a drive in his truck. This is the first time in a least two months I was able to get in the truck. I just wanted to try. I have steadily for well over a week been doing sit to stands at the side of my bed with my arc-r rail. I knew with all that I have been doing on the sly that I would be getting stronger and stronger. I have been walking a few steps everyday with my home-care workers. I will continue to fight this battle with my body until either I win or it wins. I just wanted to brag a bit. It’s now way past my bed time again.

Love and hugs Fiona:-)

Sept 20, 2014

Good day,

Oh my what a great day.. Here it is nearing midnight for the second night in a row.. I’ve been in business meetings all day. Was up and at it by six am. I was awake at five the first time, then I listened to Carrie snoring. I have never heard a snore more peaceful and rhythmic, her snore put me back to sleep until nearly six. Things got a rushy at this point as we had breakfast reservations at seven. Crazy busy.. The meetings started at eight. Just felt rushed all morning..

All I can say is I love service work. Being such a close group of people when there really are so many here seems remarkable to me. I have seen so many people that I haven’t seen in years. Wow just wow.. Anyways this is all your getting again as I’m spent..

Love and hugs Fiona

Sept 19, 2014

Good night,

I’m going to say good night, my day has been absolutely crazy starting with ID theft. If you can imagine my day stayed that bad, well at least it seemed that way.

Carrie and I came to Red Deer for some program stuff. I’m completely unable to stay awake. I love you all. I’m just so tired..

Kyle special for you, love and miss you.

Love and hugs Fiona

Sept 18, 2014


What a day. My house is finally empty. The final human being is gone. I had a second company come and do a quote on the eve troughs as the first ones were making me a bit nutz. They came for the quote over two weeks ago and just today told me their cost, this was after me calling four or possibly five times. I think I was more annoyed by the untimely quote than the price. IE** steroids baby!!

This has been a day like no other in quite sometime. It started as it was supposed too. The morning plan was book writing with Alisha from eight to ten-thirty. This actually happened!!!! I think with only a couple of simple interruptions. We did only go from eight twenty to ten fifteen as I was still needing to get dressed for my eleven o’clock wellness coordinator appointment. At ten-thirty as booked my door opened and there was my driver Pat. We got me into the car, off we went. I did in between all of these things I was able to remember to call home-care to let them know I wouldn’t be home until just after twelve. My meeting with Erica went really well as it always does. She was shocked by how far I’ve slid backwards since she seen me last. This shock I can understand as it has been a long three weeks. My last appointment I had to miss as it was one of my first week where I wasn’t able to drive.

Home-care showed about twelve-thirty. I was already sitting on the sofa eating my left over tuna salad. I toasted a bagel put my salad. While I was having my lunch the phone rang. It was my OT calling about coming to the house with all the implements I needing here. They brought my hopefully new electric chair so I could test it. Wow such freedom. I was on the lawn. I cruised around the yard. I’ve not been able to be off the deck for three weeks without someone else. On top of that I won’t even try more than the once I have because I get stuck in the gravel. Take my word there’s not much scarier than being stuck.

I had an hour break after all of that before Kyle came home. This is where my day turned to absolute shit. Not at this moment of course, shortly after though. Kyle and I went to get supper in Three Hills. This was just a normal evening. Things went sideways really fast the second we arrived home. The dogs had gotten up on the table and chewed up a brand new pair of one hundred-dollar sun glasses that we just won ant the golf tournament last night. Very, very bad. Kyle went ape shit on them all night. House turned into a very unhappy place to be. I’m a bit nervous to go to Red Deer this weekend now. I know he won’t actually hurt the silly little buggers, just for his mind sake. He won’t throw the glasses out because he shows them to the dogs they cower of course. They know they did wrong. It’s the longer he keeps them in the house it’s not about the dogs. Kyle will stay angry the longer they’re in the house. I will hold out hope by Sunday afternoon everyone and thing has settled their battles