Good day all,

I will start by saying I am uncertain how I’m still functioning at all. We were out at Quinn’s Christmas concert. He is five and in kindergarten if that is any indication of how sweet tonight was. It was a terrific night love, and laughter in the spirit of the season. What a perfect night. I sure am glad Kyle was willing to take me as after the day that I put in I was worn down to my boot straps..

I started off by doing my exercises first thing.. I knew I had a big day and was uncertain if I was going to have the energy to do them later in the day.. I did 20 squats up against my arc-r rail. When I was with Rebecca at physiotherapy on Monday she was explaining that doing them with my back against the wall and doing them in front of my arc-r rail are different things, so I have to switch those squat exercises every second day.. They really are very different, not just a little different. The ones I do against the wall I can only do ten. The ones I just did this morning standing in front of the arc-r rail I did twenty. I think it’s because against the wall my back is flat against the wall so I’m using nothing at all other than my thigh muscles. Where facing my arc-r rail I’m using a lot of my hips and back too.. Tomorrow I’m back to the wall, I’ll see what I’m like then..

I then came out to the living room and finally for the first time in days started on my arm weights.. I’ve been trying to figure out why I’ve been so busy feeling sorry for myself, and not doing the few things I’ve been able to do the whole time I’ve been sick. Even when I was in my wheelchair I was able most days to work my upper body, I just seemed to not want to, or was just so wrapped up in feeling like crap, I just didn’t.. It was nice to get my poop in a group today..

The dishwasher repair fella came around eleven. He was out the door and leaving a running dishwasher by noon. Which as my day was going was a close call.. I needed to be at the dentist for twelve-thirty in Three Hills. Already cutting it close when the phone rang just before I was walking out the door..It was the RCMP, it’s one of those calls that I couldn’t ignore. They are looking into the fraud account opened in my name in June. I was able to get her off the phone between ten and quarter after, I raced out as fast as possible. When I say fast as possible that is with walker in hand, and having to get out to my car, then get to Three Hills within fifteen minutes. I mad it if you can believe that.. I was there in exactly fifteen minutes.. I was in the dentist for two hours that was including a cleaning and a filling.. All the chemotherapy I’ve been on has taken its toll on my teeth.

I left the dentist, headed straight to my pharmacist to pick up a box of catheters. I figured I wanted to see how much get up and go my legs had. Well as things turned out I did really good. My walker and I toddled off one full block to the dollar store and back to my car. I still even had the energy to get in and drive home without needing a rest. Ooh that’s funny I didn’t even come home. I went to UFA to get pocket calenders, then to fuel up. Then finally off to the mail and home.. I will finally say that I was finished .. Was tire now at that point deeply tired.. Kyle home not long after then off to the concert..

Love and hugs Fiona:-)

Happy Birthday to my Sweetness!!

All and all I’ve had a fairly boring day. well a normal person would call it a normal day. My morning was made up of cleaning the kitchen. I can’t really say how the kitchen turned into such a mess, but it most assuredly did. I used up all my energy washing, drying and putting away all the dishes. The mess came from our company on Sunday with the last three days on top of that. Wow typing that makes me sound like an absolute pig. I’m really not pig, I just don’t know where the time has gone. I guess it doesn’t matter now, it’s all cleaned up. I think we’ve gone out twice too so I guess way less mess when we’re not eating here. Tonight we went out for Kyle’s birthday supper.. This morning I did all of my exercises. I do have great news on this front. When I did my clam shells on my left side I was actually able to feel my top knee lift unlike Monday when I did it at physiotherapy. I did ten of them, and actually knew I did something. I did ten wall squats, and ten bridges.

This afternoon I’m excited to say that I’m all finished wrapping all the presents that are here.. I only have one more to buy then all finished up.. Everything is decorated and shining beautifully under the tree.. I’m so excited for Christmas here this year.. We are have our group turkey dinner on the evening of the 24th and my folks and sister will be here, and going to our supper. We are going to have a Danish Christmas which is actually on the 24th. My Grandpa is coming on the 25th for lunch with us here. My Dad’s family is having Christmas on Boxing day, I’m not sure if I’m going to go as that is my sister’s birthday. All of that will depend if she is staying here or going somewhere else.

We went out for Kyle’s birthday supper. I bought him a coconut pie. Right after supper we headed to our meeting. Didn’t get home until nearly nine-thirty and I had two cups of coffee, so here I sit. TeHe I already fell asleep once. I knew I just needed to get something done up on this.. I’ve had a lovely day. Tomorrow the dishwasher fella comes..

Love and hugs Fiona:-)

Good day all,

I had a terrific day today. I’m hoping against hope this works as it should today. Last night or I guess I should say this morning I was blogging about how great and so so my day was yesterday, so I guess I will start there as nothing posted properly..

Okay today is Tuesday. I’m starting here so I can keep track myself. Yesterday morning started with a very early morning trip to Olds for my first physiotherapy appointment since August. Rebecca said that it went better than she was expecting. I had to disagree even though in all truth it went fairly well. I am just so sad at how awful my muscles are. Every muscle in my legs feel bruised to the touch. A person doesn’t even have to push hard. As a matter of fact sometimes Kyle simply pushes into me and yelp, that is how sore my muscles are. All of this pain is simply because I’m over taxing them. I asked her if this was a bad thing? She said no not really, it can’t hurt them, it can hurt you, but not them, so with this news I will continue to push. I was doing my clam shells with her. My this is when I realized how bad my left hip is versus my right. When doing my clam shells on my left side I wasn’t able to lift my legs apart at all. This is not completely true, I was able to lift it enough to feel the muscle move, but not to see it visually see it. This is how bad my left hip is.

After physiotherapy I required to take a rest before I was able to drive. After about fifteen minutes I was good to go. I headed out to Wal-Mart to grab some pictures I required. Oh my I’m so excited for Christmas I can barely stand it. As a matter of fact I feel like a child for the first time in many years. I would go as far as to say giddy. I think this is because I wasn’t supposed to make it this far, and I get to enjoy all of my family in our home for the fist time. This is all so beautiful to me. I came home from Olds with the rest of my treasures, well nearly I have two more to get and then finished up. Any ways I came home and called Carrie, she came over and we played Christmas carols, lit the fire, and wrapped gifts. What a perfect afternoon. This started about one, she left around three, I continued my wrapping until nine-thirty when Kyle sent me to bed. I knew he was right about me going to bed as I was so tired when I crawled into bed it took me mere moments to fall asleep.

Today started with a bang. Kyle was up and asking why I was printing something at five in the morning. I said I hadn’t done anything. I wasn’t touching anything and I sure as hell hadn’t printed anything. He left and went to the washroom, all dishevelled. He went out and put on the coffee. I got up and tried to muster the ability to tell Kyle the truth of peeing the bed.. Oh right that was in last nights blog that wouldn’t post.. The not wanting to tell Kyle had nothing to do with anything other my fear of what it may or may not mean. Now it seems I’m ALWAYS looking over my shoulder to see what symptom train maybe barreling down the track to run me over.. Anyways after that I came and stripped the bed.. I went to put stuff in the washer, there was a load already needing to be washed.. I go to wash the first load to get it out-of-the-way. It was then that the power finally went out for good. Power had been surging all night, well it finally just went. It was due to all the frost on the lines.. It was after this that I gave up on the laundry.

I started to get ready for my day outside of the house.. I had a doctor’s appointment at ten-thirty. The power of course was out there too. I didn’t think of that until a lady in the waiting room mentioned that she was going to leave because they couldn’t check the her results with no computers.. Ha, ha she was right I was I left.

I had decided I was going to surprise my mom. Before I left home I grabbed stuff I had for you her, so after I left the doctors I headed her direction.. I had one stop for the a gift in Innisfail. I headed straight to my folks, they were at 50+ playing floor curling. This is why I did for the rest of the afternoon..

Like I said quite a day.

Love and hugs Fiona

Wow, here I am at 5:30 in the morning just starting yesterday’s blog.. I had a long day.. A very long day.. It was a great day, but certainly a long one. Ooh I will re-do this now today.. My blog only posted one mini paragraph again. I’m so sorry.. It’s acting up again..

Wow!! I’m still tired it’s 4:30 in the morning I just woke up for the third time still with a desire to go back to sleep it has been a great day, but it took too much energy..

First thing this morning it was a nice coffee with Kyle. After coffee we had cereal for breakfast as I’ve been too lazy to make smoothies.. After breakfast Kyle headed out to move wood into the woodshed. I sat on the couch wrote a beautiful piece into my manuscript it was melding a time in 2012 with a new time in 2014, things are falling into place..

I then went out to help Kyle with the wood.. Kyle brought it into the building with the wheelbarrow.. He’d dump the load and I’d pile it into place.. All of this work I was doing I used my walker when my legs were wanting to collapse.. Being able to help outside brought me such joy I’m uncertain how to explain my happiness.. I feel like I’m part of our acreage for the first time since I was able to cut the lawn. That has been a long time ago.. I’m so grateful for whatever abilities I have.. I did about a dozen loads before I had to finally give in that I was done.. Well more like my body was done.. I did do absolutely amazing, by far more than I would have ever thought possible.. I came in and put the roast in the oven as we had company coming over.. The good part of that is that I was smart enough to save some spare energy to get supper on..

Company came I had Veronica put the potatoes on because between searing the roast cutting garlic, and onions I was now pretty close to done.. While everything was finishing I set the table. The roast came out. I made gravy put on the vegetables.. I lay here shocked this was all possible in one day.

I was in bed for the night by 8 pm as I was falling asleep on the couch.. That is why this was done periodically throughout the morning as I continued to fall asleep and wake up.. As this was happening I kept working on this..

Love and hugs Fiona