April 23, 2014

Good day,

I am spent already and it is only seven o’clock. I just got out of the shower as we have company and will be going out for supper. Some friends of Kyle’s just drove in with our final load of stuff from Sparwood. They had their horse trailer parked at our place in Sparwood for a week before we were booked to move out. Kyle spent all that time getting all the stuff out of his shop and the back yard into the trailer. Now that is here and empty. Kyle does have one more load out of my place in Coleman to come up but that will be another day.

I finally changed my name back to Fifield. I am now finally back where I am supposed to be. I have been wanting to go back to my maiden name for quite some time. Last time I had my licence done the lady said I had to have my divorce paperwork with me. I of course had left it at home. This time I went searching for my divorce paperwork and that turned out to be a waste of time. The lady up here just asked for my birth certificate and off she went to change my name back. Apparently different rules at different registries, oh well done now.

I am sore from all my floor cleaning this morning. I knew that new steamer I bought was going to be a lot of trouble for me and wow was I correct on that note. The steamer itself was a great investment, with the exception that it causes a lot of cleaning. y new hardwood floors have a lot of dirt in the crevices. This in turn means I have a lot of work to do.
I wish I could share ore about my very productive day but vision is acting up and I am tired.

Love and hugs Fiona:-)

April 22, 2014

Good day,

It’s late and I’m spent. I swept and washed the entire house today. Let’s put it this way, our home is eighteen hundred square feet and we have nothing but hardwood and tile. It’s a lot of cleaning. I have made it easier on myself though by purchasing a steamer yesterday. I will say probably the best buy in awhile, I mean beyond the house of course. It made for lite cleaning until I started washing mirrors and windows. This caused my legs a bit more irritation.

I finished cleaning the steam machine and started on the stove. I’m still having a REALLY hard time stomaching paying the local cleaner in town four hundred dollars and that is after a fifteen percent discount after my first complaint. I really should have taken more pictures and complained again, but I was so angry it just over shot my brain. With the messes I’ve been having to cleaning since we moved in, you would never have thought someone cleaned (ha ha if she calls it that) little own paid for it. I had to spend well over an hour on the stove. I took out the burners of course and it had a bunch of burnt on spills and stuff. I’m unsure what she cleaned, but it certainly wasn’t the stove.

I’m going to rant more tomorrow..

Love and hugs Fiona:-)

April 21, 2014

Good day,

It’s supper time and we just got home from Olds again. :-) It starting to seem like we’re living there instead of here.. We had to run into town to buy me a wardrobe for my bedroom.. The master bedroom without a closet.. Who would think such a thing? Anyways problem solved know. I also wanted a steamer so picked that up too. With all the had would and tiles in here, easiest way to keep clean.

I’ll be heading out here in about twenty minutes to Elnora. It will be my first meeting there. I’m really hoping to meet some women there. Even one for that matter as I went to Three hills and there were four people all of them men. I mean it’s no biggy, but a lady to meet and hang with would be nice. I know no one in town except my aunt and she is in California until May sometime.

Our day has been filled one more time with great stuff. Kyle found a welding job in Three hills. He will be starting on April thirtieth. This is such exciting news.. We went from there over to the registries to get new drivers licences. They also printed off new registrations for the vehicles plus a new registration card for my handicap placard. Going to set up Kyle’s new business at a different registry I guess. The teller gave me the website to check out.

Well I have to say I’m a bit sad now as plans changed just before I was getting ready to walk out for the meeting Kyle called from my room requiring my help. He was putting together my new armoire that we bought in Olds this afternoon.
It felt great that he asked me to help. It’s rare that I get to help him do something. Since all the work that was happening was for me I’d better suck up missing the meeting. By the end of getting the armoire together I was definitely done. Kyle had started about seven and it was a little after seven he called for me. We just finished at nine forty-five.

I’m just putting in this last bit. We have had a full day. I’m done!!

Love and hugs Fiona:-) ooh I almost forgot I went back to my maiden name today.. My name is Fiona Fifield again.. I’m a Sparrow no more..

April 20, 2014

Good day!! HAPPY EASTER..

We are now off to Reed Deer to find me an armore for my bedroom. Plus we need a larger pantry. Off to Home Depot we go. After our quick stop in Red Deer we are heading up to my folks to put on a ham to feed all of us. There really are no words for how excited I am to be this close to my folks. :-) This is the second time in a week I will be there, this is so great.

I realize I have been doing a lot of apologizing for my vision issues. This is why I’m doing my best to get it done when not late at night. Now it’s about finding the time. Moving has thrown quite a wrench into keeping all of you informed on my progress. Which sadly I have to say has not been so good. Between my vision acting poorly, and needing to go back on Gabpentin I’m not necessarily happy with either of these things. I will say the Gabpentin has helped immensely with my neurological pain. The coils around my feet have gone away again. My temperature sensitivity has settled down quite a bit too. I was able to walk around on the tile floor yesterday with no slippers on. That a month ago I could not have done.

Today I had to actually take my walker to town. I have also been using it in the house some times too. I know, I’m doing my best to suck it up because I have been SO much worse. I’m still a bit taken aback because I have also been SO much better. It almost feels like I’m having a relapse which is impossible for me to do. I know all this seems crazy, it feels like it to me too. I’ll just wait it out and see what happens. I will, if things continue to deteriorate contact the people whom I will need to speak with. At this point I’m thinking the move just over taxed me.

I will be starting the gym in the next couple of weeks. I think I will actually start in the pool. I know the pool has always been hard on my legs. Well not the pool exactly. Somehow when I’m getting out of the pool and the cool air hits my legs they instantly get really heavy. I mean heavier than my already heavy legs. As I walk today they are feeling a thousand pounds a leg. When coming out of the pool is as though movement is nearly impossible. That is when my legs are good. I will see how things move along. I will do a few days of my elliptical first see how I hold up with that.

I just registered I stopped taking care of myself awhile ago. I should already be worrying about running out of catheters by the end of the month and I still have three unopened boxes. This means that my water intake is WAY down. Because my water intake is down that low this explains many of my muscle cramps. Does not explain the spasms, but certainly the cramps. I hate that I’ve let myself down so much. I understand busy, but to neglect self-care to such a level is very bad of me. I really didn’t even notice until I seen how many boxes of catheters I still have. It does seem odd really I drink when I’m thirsty, not enough I guess. First thing tomorrow back on the water a lot. Back to exercise, this may help me get back to something too. This may not happen tomorrow, but soon.

Kyle just took some beautiful pictures of our new living room furniture. The one I’m going to show is just of a chair and a beautiful book stand. The book stand is great, it is what’s on it that makes it perfect. All Kyle’s hand made bowls makes it what it is.

Kyle's bowls

Kyle’s bowls

I needed share this as it is the best part of the living room. Well this is not exactly true, it is very impressive though.

We enjoyed a lovely afternoon at my folks for Easter. It was sadly missing my sister and nephew though. My nephew has finals all this coming week so he was stuck at home studying. My sister lives a few hours away and she was worn out so she chose to stay home. We did have a love day though. Home now a couple of hours. Glad my day is over my legs are absolute crap.

Love and hugs Fiona:-)

April 19, 2014

Good day,

We are sittin chillin on our brand new furniture. I will take a picture and post it tomorrow. Wow it’s pretty, and damn comfy too. What a buy we did I’m excited to sleep in my brand new bed tonight too. Thirdly in the morning we get to sit at the brand new kitchen table and watch the sun rise over our cups of coffee. Our home is perfect.

What a great day. The only down time today was when Kyle was when Kyle was insisting that I lost the remote control. I kept trying to convince him that it was probably in the couch. He had just taken out our old couch out to the garage so there was space for all the new furniture to come. He searched and searched all over the house for well over an hour. I said to him the only place it could be was I the couch. He so did not want to believe me. Finally he went out and there it was in the couch. He finally had to admit that I was right. This whole time was a funny really, with the exception of when I felt like I was loosing my mind.

Kyle is right now sitting rocking in his new rocking chair. Brings a smile to my face. I have to get off of here now because my eyes are bad tonight. I’m tired that I think is what is causing it!!

Love and hugs Fiona:-)