October 29, 2014

Good day to you,

I hope your day was as confusing and as great as mine. I love days like today. I had so many emotions today trying to keep track of them pretty much impossible to keep track of. I was happy, sad, loved, lost, confused, understood. I’m just going to be grateful for everything I had today.

I had the ability to talk calmly with the Wonga people without killing one of them. The loan people who gave a loan to someone else using my name. This was a call I was uncertain I could make. I’m glad that my anger Is keeping more in check when I’m talking with people.

Well it’s morning again no blog due to falling asleep. I promise to get at early today.

Love and hugs

October 28, 2014

Good day to you all.

My day was nerve racking on a few levels. This turned out to be true not only for me, but for my sweet Alisha too. For those of you who were trying to follow the insanity of my blog my heart breaks for you. We were book writing today and nothing got done. It’s seems I didn’t make any sense. I filled in very little information. I sat on the phone with her for hours and frustrated her more on every page. I now have to somehow read two to three months worth of my blogs and put them in some semblance of sense and sanity. I will yell to the stars and thank them for my iPad so I can get the words large enough I can see them with one eye. That was supposed to start tonight,I was sadly to worn down from my day of making Alisha nuts

The above was basically my entire day with the exception of my home-care coming at lunch to shower me. Ooh I lied before I started with my book I did some exercises for the first time in quite some time. Doing exercises felt amazing, I did three sets of twelve reps of ten pound weights on my biceps. I also was able to do five minutes on my peddler! This is huge as just two days ago I was only able to do two minutes. Everyone says there aren’t any exercises for lower jiggly part of a woman’s arm, well I found one, it’s the peddler I bought that was actually meant for.

Well I just looked at the time I’ve been nodding off and on for the last three hours its no wonder I’m not getting anything done.

I loaded the dishwasher this afternoon. I waited until after we had supper to run it of course. I start the dishwasher and low and behold it’s broken. This is all we need. I mean it just makes me crazy when stuff like that happens. I get life happens sometimes getting a break cut would be a nice change. Wow this was a horrible thing to say as I have so many good things in my life that it really works be hard to beat. Sorry just a momentary laps in gratitude.

Ooh speaking of gratitude my sweet Alisha did something online for my birthday that caused oodles of new likes this will be great for my book when it comes out. This is just one of many things. For today going to be enough. It’s late and I need to get some sleep.

Love and hugs Fiona

Oct 27, 2014

Good day to you all,

Not sure how I messed up today, I just know I did. I’m just talking of my blog. I’ll do better tomorrow I promise. I’ll fill in today tomorrow. I just never miss a day.

Love and hugs Fiona

October 26, 2014

Good day all,

This new Apple update for my new iPad is amazing. For the half blind girl this is the coolest it has words pop up three at a time at the bottom of the screen and I choose which one is correct. This is my first test with this to see if it’s going to post everything I write or if it’s going to screw everything up.

My sweetness is taking me out to Three Hills for my birthday supper tonight. My girlfriend Carrie and her son are going to join us too.

I’ve had the best birthday ever. I’ve basically lied on my buttocks all day with the exception of doing my medications up this morning. The fire has been going all day. It’s already started to snow outside. I told Kyle a few days ago that it either snows the day before, the day of, or the day after my birthday every year of my life. Here it is on my fourth-second year of life coming down.

My sweet Alisha took it upon herself to put somewhere on Kijji that it’s my birthday, and to promote either my fionasfight Facebook page or the book. All I know is that I’ve had at least fifty new likes since this morning. Whatever she has done has definitely worked. For those new people who are reading this welcome. I’ll be quite boring today as I’ve done nothing. I’ve also not been annoyed either.

I did put my own add on Kijji earlier as I’m on the hunt for an aide to take care of me. I’m in the process of getting approval for self managed care. I have already had a reply to it. She seems like a nice lady. She is going to get her police check done so she can have it with her when she comes for her interview. She has been warned that I’m still waiting for the approval process from the government. I’m unsure of this process, so only time will tell if she’s willing to wait. I sure do hope so. She did come across as okay with what I was telling her, this feels good to me. I have no doubt that what’s meant to be will be, and who’s meant to be here will be. I’m fairly blessed that way, as you all know.

I’m shocked that it’s already getting to be time for me to be getting ready to go. We have an hour, but I move slow at the best of times. I was so excited I thought this posted all the way through, but only cut off the end, so seeing if it’ll let me update.

Love and hugs Fiona

Oct 25, 2014

Good day all,

This is simply a wing and a prayer that it gets to you.. I’m doing this on my phone not by choice. It seems to be all I have access to. Kyle is on his, plus I’m unable to get in front of his. Mine is connected to the new iPad which is doing an update of the new 8.1 plus all the iCloud info. It’s going to take hours, many, many hours. It’s actually saying 48 hours I’ll check it again before bed then in the morning.. Lots of info, pictures, music, videos holy crap so much crap. I’ll be certain to clean it up when finally finished. All the info in the App Store, and just so much stuff no wonder things screw up all the time.

It really makes me realize how full our brains are. How much data we as human beings take in every moment of every day. It causes me to get tired thinking how much we store over our life times. It’s no shock to me to think why as we get older we start to forget. It’s because we’re simply over loaded. There’s just no place left to store it. It just made me smile, it’s rare I come up with things this smart. Ump! Look at that I have my days.

Well our Saturday was fairly relaxed. My home care came by around ten-thirty. She got me cleaned up, dressed and ready to go. Kyle was racing around cleaning up the house before we headed for Olds.

I was then ready and waiting for him. I was keeping up on the updates on the news wondering if anything new. I’m really just putting this in here now so I know the week our beautiful country turned on itself. I would have put it on Wednesday, but it wasn’t only Wednesday, it was Monday too. I figured if we made it to today then we were safe for this week. My heart very sad. I’ve cried lots this week. Then seeing this morning the hatred in Cold Lake just proved to me that we are no better.. Then way better than the hatred of both sides. The love of some of us out ways the hatred of the others!! Thank heavens for the LOVE!!

Kyle and I headed into olds to get groceries and a few odds and ends.. We were back home not long after. We awaited my folks. They showed about five. They brought delicious pizza for supper. A got a perfect birthday card and a sweater.. Oh my what a beautiful sweater. It has fuzzy inside and out. It has pockets, this could not make me any happier.

Love and hugs Fiona